Ace Attorney 6 Gets Free DLC Japan

Ace Attorney 6 Free DLC Announced for Japan

Published: May 17, 2016 12:49 PM



Capcom has recently announced that they will release a free DLC case for the upcoming Ace Attorney title, Spirits of Justice in Japan. The case has thus far only been announced for Japanese audiences, with no official word on an English localization. It will not be immediately available at the game's June 9th launch in Japan, however, Japanese owners of Ace Attorney: Spirits of Justice may download the case free-of-charge beginning June 30th and ending 23:59 JST on July 20th. After that, the case will become paid DLC of a currently unknown price.

The chapter's title has not yet been officially translated, however interpretations have been put forward including "Turnabout that Crosses Time" (translated by Gematsu) and "Turnabout That Goes Beyond Time" (translated by Siliconera). The DLC will supposedly feature time-travel as a central theme, and official screenshots of the DLC appear to feature multiple characters who have been absent or otherwise seen in very minor roles in newer Ace Attorney titles, despite their prevalence during the first three. It is unsurprising that the character Maya Fey is seen here, given that Spirits of Justice marks her official return to the series as a main character, however, certain other faces are not to go unnoticed here.



While Miles Edgeworth, an antagonist of the original Ace Attorney titles, is now the titular character of his own series (Ace Attorney Investigations), his only appearance in Ace Attorney since Trials and Tribulations (2004) has been that of a minor cameo role in the final case of Dual Destinies (2015). While it has already been confirmed that the character will make an appearance in Spirit of Justice, here it would appear that he is reprising the role of Phoenix Wright's adversary in court, as he is seen presenting evidence in these screenshots.



Additionally, the character Larry Butz, of whom has been totally absent from the series since Trials and Tribulations, also makes an appearance. Despite his unceremonious leave from the Ace Attorney series, he is seen giving testimony during this DLC case whilst wearing an artist's beret, indicating that he may still be operating under the moniker "Laurice Deauxnim" as he introduced himself during Trials and Tribulations.


Though not yet confirmed, the prospect of an English localization seems hopeful, given that Spirit of Justice has been confirmed for a western release, and Dual Destinies' DLC case - Turnabout Reclaimed - was officially released in English in November of 2015. It is unknown as to whether western audiences will also be able to download this case for free or what the eventual price of the case will be thereafter, however it is notable that Turnabout Reclaimed was released at a price of $5.99 in the United States.

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