15 Minutes of New Dying Light 2 Gameplay Showcased by Techland

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15 Minutes of New Dying Light 2 Gameplay Showcased by Techland

December 2, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

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February 4, 2022 (Calendar)

Techland has dropped 15 minutes of new Dying Light 2 gameplay, giving us a first look at the "A Place to Call Home" quest from start to finish as part of Dying to Know Episode 5.

It's been a wild ride for Dying Light 2. Fan frustration with the lack of news about the game led Techland to be more proactive in revealing content and it eventually announced a late 2021 release date; sadly, that launch date was pushed back to early next year. On the upside, it looks like Techland is making the most of the extra time and it shows -- check out the new gameplay for the "A Place to Call Home" quest that was dropped today:

New Dying Light 2 Gameplay Details 'A Place to Call Home' Quest

The new Dying Light 2 gameplay debuted today as part of Dying to Know Episode 5, Techland's ongoing series that provides details on its upcoming game. We get a good, solid look at the "A Place to Call Home" quest as part of the video (and in a standalone trailer seen above).

This new gameplay video features a ton of high-flying building hopping and a fair amount of melee combat. The quest opens up with the player getting their hands on a paraglider and we get to see it in action in short order -- it serves as an easy way to move you from rooftop to rooftop without that whole "falling to your death" problem that you'd otherwise have. As the quest progresses, we see some parkour, some paraglider mechanics, and a fair amount of fighting, too.


If this looks like a ton of fun to you, you won't have to wait too long to enjoy the game proper -- you can pre-purchase Dying Light 2: Stay Human for PC and consoles via its official website starting at $59.99 or your regional equivalent.

What do you think of the Dying Light 2 quest "A Place to Call Home?" Do you think the game will be able to live up to player expectations? Let us know in the comments below!

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