Where to Find Ancient Wood in Craftopia

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This guide will go over how to find Ancient Wood in Craftopia, including its exact location on the map and how to gather it.

Map location of Ancient Wood in Craftopia, near the sea.

Where to Find Ancient Wood in Craftopia

Ancient Wood is a new resource as part of the Seamless World update, and can only be obtained by cutting a specific type of tree with an axe. This type of tree is twisted and old, making it stand out from regular trees. The trees that give ancient wood are found to the east of Tower of Geezah Plateau (the first tower you'll likely encounter in the game). The location shown in the map above is where you'll start to find these trees. There are a decent amount, with each dropping multiple Ancient Wood before being depleted. Any axe will do for cutting these down, though we'd recommend making a Copper Axe beforehand to speed things up.

What is Ancient Wood Used For in Craftopia?

The only use for Ancient Wood is to repair the tower to the north of where you gather it. Currently, there's no reason to keep any excess Ancient Wood after you complete the tower, unless you plan on taking it to another world to complete its tower as well.

Does Ancient Wood Respawn in Craftopia?

No, the trees that drop Ancient Wood will not respawn once chopped down. If you do want more, you can take your character into a new world, gather Ancient Wood, then head back to your original world.

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