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Craftopia - Motorbike

Japanese crafting survival game Craftopia is an insanely fun, if slightly familiar, experience. However, getting around the islands is a bit of a chore if you're not high enough to use your glider, and there's only so far a wooden hoverboard will take you. The next best thing is the totally sweet motorbike vehicle, but some of those ingredients are kind of difficult to figure out thank to the slightly sketchy machine translation.

Acquiring your own sweet ride requires Cogwheels, Bioethenol, and Batteries, but the game is a bit tight-lipped on exactly where most of these parts come from. Below is a guide on how to suss out the recipes and tools requires to craft your own sweet ride.

Craftopia - Cogwheels
Cogwheels are the easiest step in contruscting a motorbike, because they only require basic materials and machines to create. 

How To Get Cogwheels In Craftopia

Step one in becoming the Craftopia version of the Biker Mice From Mars is getting your hands on six cogwheels. This is probably the easiest part of the recipe because it only requires some basic tools and resources. First, make sure that you've advanced to the Frontier Age, the third available age in the game. This will unlock the motorbike itself, as well as the cogwheels and other ingredients.

Now go out and mine yourself 18 iron ore. Iron can be found in the slightly darker rocks dotted around the game's various islands, but you'll need to have upgraded your starting pickaxe into a copper one to be able to mine iron. Once you've got all that ore, shove it into your stone furnace and you've got yourself some ingots. Now go to your crafting bench and construct the six cogwheels you need, which should leave you with at least five or six iron ingots left over. 

Craftopia - Pokeball
Getting batteries hinges entirely on this weird monster prism. 

How To Get Batteries in Craftopia

The process for making batteries is slightly more involved than the one for making cogwheels, partially because it involves turning the game into Pokemon. The first thing you'll need to do is acquire a whole bunch of iron ingots and sand. We already covered iron ingots in the cogwheels part of the tutorial, but sand is actually even easier to get. You'll come across giant sand-colored rocks on the beaches of the islands which you can mine for 100s of pieces of sand. You'll also want to smelt five of those ingots again, to turn it into a steel ingot (somehow), and collect a decent amount of wood and stone.

With your entire collection of resources in your inventory you're ready to start crafting. Firstly, produce a generator; this device actually makes the batteries. Then take a fair amount of your remaining iron and sand and produce as many monster prisms as you can. These are basically fantasy PokeBalls, and you'll need them to power your generator, which you should now build somewhere conveniently near to your base or crafting area. 

Turning Craftopia into Pokemon

Craftopia - Cow Power
One the one hand, it's quite funny watching the cow run on a giant hamster wheel. On the other, I'm getting some serious Matrix vibes right now.

With your machine ready and waiting, go out and find some mobs. You can use monsters, as the items' name suggests, but things like cows are much easier to hunt and work just fine. Equip a weapon in your main hand and a monster prism in your off-hand, as you'll need to reduce the mobs' health before you capture one. Even when they're weak, throwing a crystal at them to capture them is difficult and doesn't always work. It's also probably a wise move to capture several creatures, since they don't last long and you'll need a fair amount of batteries for various projects down the line.

Now you have your herd of mechanically enslaved cattle, you can put them to work. Equip the filled monster crystals and chuck one at the wheel on the side of your generator. The creature will come out and start running on the wheel, automatically producing batteries as it does so. Its health will also decrease, so you only get a limited supply of batteries per animal based on their health. Finally, one step closer to that hot ride. 

Craftopia - Wheat Fields
The final step on your motorbike journey is going to involve lots of farming. 

How to Get Bioethanol in Craftopia

The final stage in becoming a fantasy-world version of one of the hairy bikers is Bioethanol. You're going to need a few ingredients that are slightly more time consuming to produce, as well as build several machines to make this stuff. The first thing you'll need to make is a cooking pot, which could seem confusing at first. You get charcoal by setting a bunch of trees and bushes on fire, which you can do with one of the two torches that can be made with straw and wood. Once you've committed arboreal genocide, you should be loaded with the stuff to make your very own cooking pot.

Next up, you'll want to make several wheat fields from straw and wood. Personally, I recommend at least eight if you want the process to be able to produce a lot of boiethanol (which you do). Next you've got two options. You can create a buttload of empty buckets. These single-use items are needed to water crops before they'll actually grow, and either need to be filled manually or can be collected en masse from a well.

If you want the system to be automated and don't want to keep creating buckets, then you can spend some time farming buckets of water from your well and iron for cogwheels. With 20 buckets and five cogwheels (quite a lot basically) you can craft a sprinkler which automatically waters farmland periodically. With wheat fields, this means that as long as you keep chopping down those crops you'll keep getting a supply of wheat. You can even go the extra step and build a robot to chop the crops for you. For help with that, you can check our tips for beginners.

Craftopia - Bioethanol
Unfortunately, producing a large quantity of bioethanol can take quite a long time when you factor in all of the resource processing. 

I know what you're thinking. Now that you have all this wheat, what do you do with it? By using the cooking pot, you can actually convert that wheat into flour, and it's flour that needs to be processed into bioethanol in a ripening machine. You should already have the iron and stone needed to create a ripening machine at this point, but you'll need a third ingredient to get it done: bones. 

Bones aren't super rare, and you may have come across some already if you've been murdering a lot of animal life. If not, explore the islands until you come across some deer. These deer are one of the easiest animals to get bones from, and you only need two bones to create the machine. With all of your resources gathered, it's simply a case of dumping your wheat flour into the ripener and waiting. The only issue is that each bioethanol needed requires 10 flour to create, and you need five bioethanol for the bike, meaning each motorbike you make will cost you 50 wheat flour, and take a hell of a time to process. 

And, you've finally done it. You now have the resources necessary to build your motorbike. Since it's single-use only, you might find it useful to follow our guides on automation so you can produce as many bikes as you want. 

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