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A few automated systems in Craftopia

Like many factory-management games, the survival-action game Craftopia gives players the ability to automate resource collection in order to cut down on time spent gathering resources. However, a big question with every game is how exactly the automation system works and what are some of the best ways to set up said system. With the help of our guide, you can learn the basics of automation in Craftopia and set up basic methods for automatically growing wheat, mining, and generating batteries.

When Can I Start Craftopia Automation?

The age advancement screen in Craftopia.
The Frontier Age and the Renaissance: Both key milestones for automation.

Before you get started on automating your life, you need to have the automation items unlocked. To get these items, you'll have to advance to the Frontier Age in order to unlock items like conveyor belts, automatic excavators, and chests connected to conveyors. If you go an age further to the Renaissance, you can get additional buildings that, among other things, will automatically smelt ores into bars.

Better Craftopia Wheat Farming

Wheat fields in Craftopia.
In all honesty, most of these wheat fields were stolen from a nearby village.

Wheat is a key resource when you get into later ages due to the fact that it can be processed into bioethanol, which is used in quite a few crafting recipes. Wheat fields normally require watering before they'll grow, but crafting buckets and filling them can be time consuming. Instead, you can build a well, which will produce water buckets over time, or craft and set up sprinklers, which will water the area around them every several seconds. As for harvesting the wheat, you can build rotator saw robots that will move around and pop the wheat when it's ready for harvesting. Just try not to get cut up on the blades.

Creating an Automatic Mining Craftopia Empire

An iron mining and smelting automation in Craftopia.
A basic yet effective way to mine and smelt plenty of iron.

Around the same time you can get sprinklers, you also unlock the ability to build excavators, which are key to getting huge amounts of stone and metals. By placing one on bedrocks, which are large flat rocks that can provide an infinite number of a certain material, and placing a container's conveyor belt where the items land, you can stockpile plenty of whatever the bedrock provides. When you get to the Renaissance, you can also build an automatic smelter between the two devices and set it to automatically smelt the ores into bars. If you're looking for a good island to mine with excavators, the island to the northeast of the tutorial island on the travel map has plenty of bedrock spots for materials like iron, sand, and copper. 

Building a Craftopia Battery Farm

A basic breeding and generator setup in Craftopia.
Ah, the miracle of life being instantly forced into manual labor.

Batteries, like bioethanol, are another material that's often used in mid-game crafting recipes. These are created by capturing monsters with a monster prism and having it run in a generator. Unfortunately, anything that makes use of captured monsters, whether it's for breeding, batteries, or animal products, slowly drains the monster's health until it dies. Currently, one of the best ways to automate battery generation requires a breeding machine to spawn monsters, a generator placed right outside the breeder's output chute, and a combination of walls and conveyor belts to force any stragglers back onto the breeder and generator. Generating batteries will likely become easier as Craftopia fixes up captured animal AI and works out the bugs. For more on making batteries (and a sweet ride), check out our guide on crafting the motorbike.

A Rather Morbid Craftopia Battery Generation Exploit

Very questionable ranching in Craftopia.
I may have broken the Geneva Convention by doing this.

If you don't mind using possible bugs/exploits to get materials, there's a very easy way to get batteries from the tutorial NPCs on the starting island. Hit some of the tutorial NPCs so they run away, and then place down generators where they were standing. Leave the island and return, and the tutorial NPCs will spawn so that they instantly enter the generator on top of where they spawn. Each of the tutorial NPCs can provide about four batteries before they die, so you can get 40 batteries per visit if you get all ten of them running. If you want, you can put down a livestock farm where an NPC stands instead to get milk from them. It's probably best not to ask how that works.

What are some ways you've improved your automation in Craftopia? Let us know in the comments below.


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