6 Beginner Craftopia Tips to Get Started

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A scenery shot from Craftopia

Craftopia is a Japanese take on games like SatisfactoryBreath of the Wild, and more. After destroying Earth, you and humanity are given a second chance at existence on a new world. However, helping rebuild civilization can be daunting for any player, which is why some helpful advice is never something to sneeze at. Here are several tips to help you get started in the world of Craftopia.

Craftopia Advancement

The age advancement screen in Craftopia.
'Frontier Age' sounds more Western than Medieval, but what can you do.

One of the main progression systems in Craftopia involves advancing through various ages of technologies, with each age offering new items that players can craft. To advance, you need to have built and placed an Altar of Civilization, and then you have to pay a certain amount of money and materials to it. The exact items you need to pay vary depending on which Age you're on, but they'll all be something you should be able to collect/craft. Each new age has their benefits, but the Frontier Age and the Renaissance are particularly noteworthy because they both offer buildings that you can use in automation, allowing you to quickly and automatically harvest resources.

Explore the Craftopia Dungeons

A dungeon entrance in Craftopia.
Is it wrong to raid a dungeon in nothing but Link's underwear?

Every island in Craftopia has a few dungeons that can be explored for loot and Slates of Growth, which are required to boost your attributes. Many dungeons involve fighting through monsters and defeating a boss, but they can also feature other challenges. One of the two dungeons on the tutorial island has you racing against the clock as you ride a hoverboard. It's also worth noting that nearly every dungeon has secret chests hidden behind a breakable wall at the beginning and end of the dungeon.

Boost Your Craftopia Base Attributes

Speaking with Anubis in Craftopia
I wish I didn't have to pay in order to get stat boosts.

Above every island in the game is a floating island where Anubis hangs out. If you reach him by building a path to his island, you can exchange Slates of Growth for boosts to your maximum life, mana, and stamina. The first boost for each attribute costs four Slates, so you'll have to explore beyond the tutorial island in order to get your first boost. It's worth it, though, to build up your mana reserves or be able to sprint for longer without getting winded. The tutorial island is generally the best place to drop off the slabs as Anubis' island is lower there compared to other islands.

Watch Out for Bears in Craftopia

An encounter with a bear in Craftopia.
When are bears not bad news?

The tutorial island may be where you start your quest, but there are still some dangerous creatures on it. While the blue, cyclopian Monos are weak and can be sent into orbit with a single punch, bears are quick, relentless in their pursuit, and can deal 30-40 damage per swipe. Keep your distance from them until you have some levels and equipment under your belt, and try to climb a cliff if one goes after you. You can also find skeletons on the island at night near the dungeon entrances, but they're very slow and meander around, even when you're within their aggro range.

Invest in Your Craftopia Skills to Survive

The skill menu in Craftopia.
It's a shame the 'more inventory' skill isn't implemented yet, but that's Early Access for you.

Gaining experience to unlock new skills is another major part of increasing your character's strength. These skills can help make gathering and crafting easier, improve your combat capabilities, or give you new skills to use in and out of battle. Keep in mind that as an Early Access game, Craftopia doesn't have every skill implemented yet, and the skill descriptions give little explanation as to how skills improve from one level to the next.

Versatility is Key to Craftopia

Combat with an Ancient Golem in Craftopia,
It's time for another exciting round of "Guess the Boss' Weak Point!"

In many games it's encouraged to stick to a single combat style in order to maxamize its effectiveness. However, in Craftopia, there's something to be said for dabbling in other combat skills. A good example comes with the Ancient Golem, one of the two dungeon bosses currently in the game. It has pretty good defense, but will take extra damage if you can land arrow shots on its blue glowing core. On the more magical side, using magical attacks means you don't have to worry about the durability of your weapons, and any character can make use of the Tier 1 healing spell that's available as soon as you get your first experience level.

How are you enjoying Craftopia so far? Are there any tips you'd recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

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