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Watch Dogs: Legion Spy Operative

Do you want an operative that likes it shaken, not stirred? Watch Dogs: Legion allows you to find spies to add to your team of DedSec agents! Here is how you can find them. 

Watch Dogs: Legion Spy Location - Like Clockwork

The first way is to complete the missions within the City of Westminster. You must finish three ways to disrupt Albion's hold on the area. You must hack into their propaganda and turn it into DedSec messaging twice and rescue a freedom fighter.

Watch Dogs: Legion City of Westminster

To alter the propaganda on Buckingham Palace, you must have a construction member on your team who has the ability to use cargo drones, or you'll have to find a drone box elsewhere. In fact, you can do the other propaganda mission in Piccadilly Circus first, use the cargo drone box there, and ride your way to Buckingham Palace to fulfill the next propaganda task.

I was able to find the cargo drone box by hacking into the cameras. You just press L1 and X to call one from the security cam. Bring it down to your character to get a pickup. Once you arrive at the area for Piccadilly, you can see a red and black box that is blocking a metal tube. Pick it up with the cargo drone and move it. Remember this spot.

Watch Dogs: Legion Cargo Drone

Now, use the spiderbot box to summon the mechanical insect and crawl through that space you just opened up. It is within a cage. Now, if you've unlocked double jump, you can easily get to the other side where the open crawl space is, but if you don't, there should be a cardboard box. Use that as a platform to get up by pushing it around. When you've reached the destination, simply hack the terminal with the spiderbot. 

Watch Dogs: Legion Spiderbot

To rescue the freedom fighter, sneak into the back of the police station, stealthily take out the guard outside, and hack into the security system to free the prisoner. It's super easy. Once you have done all three tasks, it will unlock the mission Like Clockwork. It's pretty straightforward as you platform your way up to the top of the clock tower. 

Watch Dogs: Legion Like Clockwork

Watch Dogs: Legion - Where to Find Spies in the Open World

Watch Dogs Legion MI-6 Location

They are very uncommon (well, they are spies) in the world, but they can appear near the MI-6 building. It is located west of Lambeth near the Vauxhall underground station.

Watch Dogs: Legion Spy Location

Don't bother going to the Vauxhall bridge. Look around the actual building where you're permitted. We found a spy in the car park of MI-6. 

Now that you've found a spy in Watch Dogs: Legion, enjoy the cool car and the silenced pistol! They'll be very helpful on your path to rid Albion from London! You can also find hitmen too, so go check that guide out

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