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Watch Dogs: Legion Finding Bagley Locations

After you finish the game, Watch Dogs: Legion gives you a glimpse of what Bagley's real life was like before being turned into an A.I. By taking photos at different locations across London, Bagley will remember certain memories, but Ubisoft makes it hard to find them with no directions whatsoever. That's where we come in. Us DedSec operatives came together and made this handy list of nine locations where you can find these pictures! Promise us not to share these with Albion, okay? 

If you complete the mission, you will get a new mask and 1500 ETO, in addition to getting to know the lovable sentient A.I. better. 

The National Gallery

National Gallery Watch Dogs Legion Bagley

Finding Bagley Location Trafalgar Square National Gallery

Go to Trafalgar Square, which is north of the City of Westminster. Go past the protestors and capture a picture of the National Gallery, which is a big building with two British flags opposite each other on two sides. 

World of Tomorrow

Watch Dogs Legion World of Tomorrow Bagley

Islington and Hackney Watch Dogs: Legion Bagley

The next memory is located in Islington & Hackney. Spawn at the Old Street location and go south-easterly until you see the notification of a Bagley memory being nearby pops up. You'll see it near World of Tomorrow bar area. Stand at the gateway and take a picture of the area. 


Millennium Wheel

Milennium Wheel Watch Dogs: Legion Bagley

Lambeth Bagley Location Watch Dogs: Legion

The next one is easy. Go to the Westminster waypoint near the Houses of Parliament, cross the bridge, and head over to the park behind the wheel. Snap the picture!

Crosier and Cherry Tree

Bar Watch Dogs: Legion Crosier and Cherry Tree Bagley Location

Camden Watch Dogs Legion Bagley Location

This one's in a pub near the Viaduct train station in Camden. Go out of the station and turn right. Turn right again when you see a sign with a smiling bearded man. Go up the alleyway and you'll see the pub on the right-hand side. 

Brixton Recreation

Brixton Watch Dogs Legion Bagley

Lambeth Watch Dogs Legion Bagley

Go out of the Brixton train station on the southeast of Lambeth. Turn right and right again until you see a bunch of blue buildings that look like a market. You know you're in the right place if you see flags hanging up. Run to the left side until you see a face painting on a metal crate. 

Wellington Arch

Wellington Arch Watch Dogs: Legion

Westminster Watch Dogs: Legion Bagley

Travel to a train station that's southwest of the City of Westminster and is close to Buckingham Palace.  Nab a car, head to the most western part of the map, and you'll see a beautiful arch building with a chariot on top. Take a picture of it. 

Guy's Hospital 

Guy's Hospital Watch Dogs: Legion Bagley

Southwark Watch Dogs: Legiom Bagley Location

Go to Southwark's London Bridge station that's north of the area. Then, head south, jump over the bridge and keep heading that direction. You'll go into a tiled road and you'll see a store called yarrow. Keep going down the road until you see the protests against Albion. Turn left at the park. Keep going up the littered path until you see a green-lit hospital on the left. Get that camera ready. 

Duck Island Cottage

Duck Cottage Watch Dogs: Legion Bagley

City of Westminster Bagley Location Duck Cottage

Now, return to the City of Westminster and find the St. James station. Go east up the street and turn left on the street where the DedSec Safehouse is. On the left hand side, you'll see a lovely park. Drop down and there will be a cottage waiting for you.

Skygarden at The Walkie Talkie Bar

Skygarden Walkie Talkie Bar Watch Dogs: Legion Bagley

City of London Bagley Location Skygarden

After you complete the eight pictures, you will be given one final photograph to take. Go to the City of London area, and spawn at the Bank station. Turn right and keep going east. Try to find the Woosley shop. To the left of it, you'll see a skyscraper. Take the elevator inside. Go forward and find a balcony looking at the river. 

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