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Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion has arrived and with it comes hacking, shooting, and an extra hard permadeath mode. With all of this, it can become easy to lose track. If you need a little help here are our best tips

Use the Cargo Drone in Watch Dogs: Legion

With its height, controllability, and the fact you can climb on it, the cargo drone is an excellent tool to make your way through the world of Watch Dogs: Legion. Not only can active drones be hacked but they can be called on platforms from around the city. Hop on, take control, and get to wherever you need. 

In addition, construction workers have the “Cargo Drone” ability which allows them to summon one. If you manage to recruit one, you have one of the most versatile recruits in the entire game. If you are looking for special collectibles or just want a nice screenshot of Big Ben, this is an absolute must. 

Watch Dogs: Legion

The Spiderbot is essential

So much of the game's basic design focuses on getting in through small nooks and crannies. We have you covered from the sky with the cargo drone and everywhere else should be covered with the Spiderbot. It can get in through vents, hide past enemies, and be used tactically to get through alarms. 

The key to this is it must be picked as your gadget. Most places have ways of spawning them but not all of them do meaning an agent without Spiderbots will probably do a lot of backtracking. 

Not only this but upgrading the Spiderbot will help you in the long run. With options like a sprint, double jump, and cloak, this will make stealth and platforming much easier. Upgrading it once gets you the sprint option and double jump and twice gets you the cloak. This isn't necessary but worth doing if you have the spare tech

Watch Dogs: Legion
Shiny and creepy

Auto-aim is OP

Watch Dogs: Legion, from the getgo, has a very strong lock-on aiming system. You can turn this off but the gunplay often isn’t quite good enough to offer the best experience. For this reason, it’s worth keeping on.

For most enemies, you can pop out of cover with your aim and fire off a few rounds for instant immobilization. Pair this with a silent weapon like the pistol the “Spy” gets and you have a great infiltration tool

Watch Dogs: Legion

Do Watch Dogs: Legion’s Missions First

The chance of virtual tourism in Watch Dogs: Legion is a rather tempting concept but I would advise not exploring it immediately after being set free. Missions will send you around some of the biggest spots so you will have to clear out the same bad guys you did before. 

Upon getting out, I immediately scouted out and took down bad guys at Camden Market just so I could have a look, only to be sent back there to recruit a construction worker. The second time didn’t impress me as much and I felt my first time there was wasted. Get a good few missions out of the way, then explore around 

Watch Dogs: Legion
You shouldn't shun these missions

Make Boroughs defiant

In typical Ubisoft fashion, the map has a set of regions that all have different activities swaying civilians to your cause. This usually sees you complete a handful of objectives like taking down propaganda or finding evidence. 

After you do all side missions in a region, you get one central mission that sways the region in your favor. Doing so will net you one great operative and will flag all of the tech points in the area. The tech points are just as useful as the great operatives you unlock. Doing just one of these is a great step forward in making the game easier.  

Watch Dogs: Legion
Feeling Rebellious?

Get the Deep Profiler

The Deep Profiler is a great little upgrade that only costs 25 tech points. From the start, you can profile people walking past you on the street to see their assets and how they favor DedSec. This is a skill innate to every character and you should add even those you can't recruit yet.

The deep profile tool does a lot to shake this up in meaningful ways and is a great way of getting recruits. Once someone is flagged as a potential recruit, go to the team tab, click on then and then click on “Deep Profile”. Once this is done, you can get their entire schedule and “Recruitment Leads” that are absolutely necessary for recruiting those who don’t look favorably on you. If you want high-level gear or a person on the inside, this is an absolute must. 

Watch Dogs: Legion
"even for enemies of DedSec

And with all these tips, you should be able to fly around London, recruit whoever you like and break your way into everything. These skills should be helpful for most of the game, especially for those brave enough to attempt the permadeath mode. Good luck out there

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