Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Release Date Finally Revealed

Published: February 22, 2021 1:38 PM /


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After months of waiting, the Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer release date has finally been revealed by Ubisoft; you'll be able to play the game online with your friends in just over two weeks.

Watch Dogs: Legion is, as one might expect, the latest game in the Watch Dogs franchise. Previous titles in the series focused on a particular protagonist, but this newest game mixed things up with the ability to play as a number of different NPCs (hence the "Legion" moniker). Unfortunately, the game's multiplayer functionality was delayed beyond its single-player launch — now, we know when it will finally arrive.


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What Will Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Gameplay Be Like?

Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer will include four major multiplayer features, all of which were explained in a detail in a recent press release from Ubisoft.

To start, up to four players can enjoy free-roam, open-world co-op play. Those of you who are looking to simply explore London with your friends and have a bit of fun are all set with this game mode alone; you can also enjoy a bit of deeper gameplay with new co-op missions.


If you're looking for a more serious challenge, the "Leader of the Pack" game mode is going to be your goal. A total of five linked missions will serve as challenging endgame content for the most experienced players out there. Don't jump into this game mode lightly, though — it will require a serious amount of teamwork.

On the PvP front, there's one more treat for online gamers: the "Spiderbot Arena" game mode. This game mode will see players controlling armed Spiderbots, battling it out in a free-for-all deathmatch format.

Finally, this update will also be adding a dash of single-player content for Season Pass holders. The "Guardian Protocol" mission will have DedSec tracking down an algorithm that could be used as the backbone for lethal, autonomous drones. "Not in Our Name" mixes things up in a different way with a mission to track down an organization that is impersonating DedSec.


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When is the Watch Dogs: Legion Multiplayer Release Date?

The Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer release date will be March 9, 2021. As promised, all of the multiplayer content will be delivered via a free update, although it should be noted that the two new single-player missions will only be available to Season Pass holders.


You'll be able to play Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer in a little over two weeks. If you haven't yet jumped into this great game, you can buy Watch Dogs: Legion starting at $59.99 or your regional equivalent via its official website; you can also get the game at a discount on the Epic Games Store for the next three days starting at the price of $40.19. If using creator code TechRaptor you can also support TechRaptor while you do so.

Disclosure: Epic Games Store works with TechRaptor for affiliate partnership, and TechRaptor earns a small commission off purchases made from some links in this article.

Are you hyped to jump into these new game modes on the Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer release date? What do you hope to see for future multiplayer content? Let us know in the comments below!

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