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One Lonely Outpost Gifts Guide - Talking with Elisha in Jim's Shop

This guide will go over how One Lonely Outpost gifts work, and how to increase your friendship with each colonist.

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Colonists need more than gifts — you must supply them with food each week, which requires a variety of crops to be grown. Some easy gifts can be found in the mine, giving you a cheap way to improve your friendship with each of the available colonists.

Gifting a Carrot to Jim-Bob in One Lonely Outpost.

How Gifts Work

When you select an item and talk to a colonist, you'll have the option to gift it to them. This can be done once every 8 days for each colonist, with each having preferred and a favorite gift. Your current friendship can be viewed in the colonist tab of the menu (the icon with two people and a heart), which also shows their favorite gift and if you've given them one for the week.

Giving gifts they like will increase the friendship meter. Once this fills, they'll reach the next tier of friendship with you (represented by the small icons above the meter). Currently, increasing your friendship has no in-game purpose.

One Lonely Outpost Gifts List

Here are some of the best Gifts you can give to Colonists in One Lonely Outpost.


As the first recruitable colonist, Aaron has some of the easiest gift choices. You can give him vegetables like carrots or potatoes, with his favourite gift being Cabbages (the seeds for these can be bought from Jim-Bob when he joins.


While Juyi's favourite gift is crabs, you can just give him rocks and ore early on for an easy friendship boost. Duyi unlocks access to the mine as well, which is an infinite source of gifts for him.


Since Elisha likes fish, you wont have too many easy gift choices early on. However, refining rocks into Silicon, and then Silicon into Glass gives you a simple gift that can be obtained easily.


Jim-Bob's favourite gift is crab, like with Duyi. However, you can just give him Carrots for an easy gift that gives lots of friendship.


Qwerty is always following you around, and their favorite gift is Sunflowers. Until you get access to these, you can give them rocks for a quick friendship boost each week.

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