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One Lonely Outpost Farming Guide - Cover Image Using the Water Omnitool in a Crop Field with Sprinklers

Our One Lonely Outpost Farming Guide will tell you how Farming works, how to unlock Sprinklers, and how you can use Sprinklers to automate watering Crops!

A big part of One Lonely Outpost is Farming -- you'll need to grow enough Food to supply all of your Colonists and keep them happy. Farming can be tough in the early days, but you can eventually automate the process with machinery such as Water Pumps and Sprinklers. Read on to learn more about Farming!

How One Lonely Outpost Farming Works

One Lonely Outpost Farming is fairly standard for a Farming RPG. You have to plant Crops, water them daily, and harvest them when they're fully grown. There are, however, some unique mechanics for this game.

To start, you can interact with Crops at every stage of their growth. This will add new information about them to your database. Every time something happens to your Crops (such as harvesting them), you'll add more information to your database that you can easily refer to.

You can till soil with the Matter Manipulator Tool (Z). Seeds can then be planted in this tilled soil. From there, you'll have to use the Spray Tool (C). You can remove tilled earth using the Gust Tool (V), and you can remove any planted Crops with the Mining Laser (X).

Crops need to be watered every day or they will begin to wither. Additionally, every Crop has its own requirements for temperature and season, all of which you can find in the in-game database once you've grown a Crop for the first time and exposed it to varying conditions.

How to Unlock New Seeds

There are two ways to unlock new Seeds in One Lonely Outpost:

  1. Use the Gust Tool on dust piles to find Seeds.
  2. Purchasing Seeds from Jim-Bob's shop.

How to Unlock Sprinklers

You can unlock Sprinklers by getting Jim-Bob and his daughter Elisha to join your Colony. Once you do, you'll be able to get the Crafting recipe for Sprinklers along with the ability to purchase them.

How to Use Sprinklers

Once you've unlocked Sprinklers, you will need three things in order to use them:

  1. Sprinkler
  2. Water Pump
  3. Solar Panel

The first Water Pump must be near the thawed water. In turn, the Sprinklers must be in range of the Water Pump. Sprinklers spray out water in a diamond pattern, so you should interlock these patterns to make the most of the space:

One Lonely Outpost Farming Guide - How to Place Sprinklers Efficiently

Make sure not to plant any crops in the two spaces north of a Water Pump or a Solar Panel; it can be difficult to actually interact with those tiles in the Early Access version of the game.

Water Pumps have a limited range and they must all be connected to one another by placing them within the radius of an existing Water Pump.

One Lonely Outpost Farming Guide - Expanding Water Pumps

Each subsequent Water Pump will also need a Solar Panel nearby in order to power it. From there, you can expand your Crop field to whatever size you wish within the limitations of the Farmstead.

We're at the end of our One Lonely Outpost Farming Guide, but there's plenty more to explore -- check out our other guides below!

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