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Immortals Fenyx Rising - Kalliope's Distress Puzzle Guide

Published: December 5, 2020 10:11 AM



The vast majority of Immortals Fenyx Rising's puzzles are supremely easy to complete, and be on your way to the next objective. Some are a little trickier than others, and while the game does give hints to make things easier, it never hurts to have a bit more help, right?

These puzzles took me a minute to figure out, so I figured I'd write up the quick solutions so you can keep moving along in your quest!


Kalliope's Distress Puzzle 1

This one is super easy, and even without the hint (Note: Right above the puzzle itself) you can quickly figure out the order.

Kalliopes Distress Vault Puzzle 1
A few steps forward and a jump to the right

Kalliope's Distress Puzzle 2

Similar to the last puzzle, the hint is right behind it. Super easy, but the solution is once again below:


Kalliopes Distress Vault Solution 2

Kalliope's Distress Puzzle 3

This one is a little trickier. The solution is actually on the wall BEHIND the puzzle itself, so if you miss it just backtrack a little bit. Otherwise, the solution is below:

Kalliopes Distress Vault Puzzle 3

Kalliopes Distress Vault Puzzle - Bonus Chest

This one also has the solution readily available. You'll need to hit the lever next to the puzzle and look backwards, but the timer is very quick so it may take a few times before you get it. Check the solution below:


Kalliopes Distress Vault Puzzle Chest


That's it for this vault! Hopefully this guide helped you a bit on your journey.

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