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Immortals Fenyx Rising Mount

Greek mythology-based open world adventure Immortals Fenyx Rising offers a huge area to explore in the form of the sprawling Golden Isle. One of the best ways for protagonist Fenyx to get around the Golden Isle is on horseback. The game features over 20 mounts, including horses, deer, zebras and even unicorns and pegasi, which Fenyx can tame. Taming a mount requires successfully sneaking up on it, crouching to avoid being spotted or spooking the creature. Once a mount is tamed, Fenyx can summon it anywhere on the Isle with enough flat terrain for the mount to run around. 

However, not all mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising are created equal. Mounts have between one and three Stamina bars, with three-bar Epic Mounts able to run for longer distances without becoming tired. Plus, some mounts are located out in the open, while others are hidden and require some exploring to find.

Here are the very best mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising, which will help you in your journey around the Golden Isle:

10. Spring - Season Pass Exclusive

Fenyx Rising Spring

Beautiful, brightly colored Spring is available early in the game, accessible via a set of three quests which unlock as soon as Fenyx leaves the Clashing Rocks starting region. However, the questline which unlocks Spring is only available to players who have purchased the DLC Season Pass for Immortals Fenyx Rising. For players who have access, Spring is one of the best mounts due to early-game unlock conditions, but places only 10th on this list due to requiring the purchase of DLC.

9. Ptilon - King's Peak

Fenyx Rising Ptilon

King's Peak, the area of the Golden Isle sacred to Zeus, is one of the last areas of the game which Fenyx will visit. Within King's Peak is the epic mount Ptilon, a reddish-brown Pegasus with colorful wings. Unfortunately, Ptilon is probably the most difficult of the Epic Mounts to obtain. This gorgeous winged creature is located in a ravine in the northern part of King's Peak. Getting there will require climbing several mountains, so players should not attempt it unless they've already obtained several stamina upgrades.

8. Aethon - War's Den

Fenyx Rising Aethon

War's Den, sacred to the god of battle Ares, is one of the most frustrating areas of the Golden Isle to explore. This is because a large section, where Ares' Fortress resides, is covered by Corruption, a powerful substance which saps Fenyx's stamina and powers. Fenyx will only be able to enter the Fortress after helping Ares regain his godly essence. Located in a pit within this fortress is Aethon, a flaming horse which earns points for terrifying appearance but loses them due to being difficult to locate and tame.

7. Asphodel - King's Peak

Fenyx Rising Asphodel

Players looking for something other than your standard horse will be thrilled to discover Asphodel, a glowing purple deer. However, Asphodel is considered a late-game mount, as he is locked to the King's Peak area watched over by Zeus, King of the Gods. This means that players will not be able to obtain Asphodel until later in the game. However, he ranks higher than fellow King's Peak mount Ptilon because he is found in the southern part of the Peak, closer to the mainland.

6. Guardian - Grove of Kleos

Fenyx Rising Guardian

Guardian is definitely the kind of mount which will make Fenyx stand out. This solid gold Pegasus is found in the sacred Grove of Kleos, the area watched over by Athena, goddess of wisdom. However, like any blessing of Athena's, Guardian is not easy to obtain. Fenyx must travel to the absolute northern point of the Grove, passing through difficult terrain inhabited by monsters along the way. Unfortunately, despite the wings, Guardian isn't capable of flight, which knocks this mount even further down the list.

5. Paragon - War's Den / Forgelands Border

Fenyx Rising Paragon

Galloping along the border between Hephaistos' Forgelands and Ares' War's Den is Paragon, who the in-game Mount Menu describes as "the Herakles of horses." Outfitted in imposing armor, Paragon is definitely the perfect mount for a Fenyx who wishes to appear as fierce and imposing as a true warrior. He's also by far the easier of the two War's Den mounts to obtain, which moves him several places higher on the list.

4. Indika - Valley of Eternal Spring

Fenyx Rising Indika

There are two unicorns for Fenyx to tame in the beautiful Valley of Eternal Spring. While they're equally pretty, Indika is the slightly more difficult to obtain of the two, which is why she appears slightly lower on this list. Found wandering among the pools of Gaia's Soul, a peaceful area towards the north of the Valley, Indika is extremely fast, making her one of the trickiest mounts in the game to sneak up on. Once she's tamed, though, her stunning blue color makes her quite the elegant mount indeed.

3. Antikythera - Forgelands

Fenyx Rising Antikythera

Antikythera is probably the most unique mount which you can find in Immortals Fenyx Rising. This mechanical mount is powered by steam and was reportedly created by none other than Hephaistos, the god of the forge. Fittingly, he's found in the northern part of Hephaistos' country, the Forgelands. Aesthetically, he's number one by far; the only thing that knocks Antikythera a few spots down this list is the presence of some powerful automaton and harpy enemies near his location.

2. Tyrian - Valley of Eternal Spring

Fenyx Rising Tyrian

The Valley of Eternal Spring, ruled over by the goddess of love Aphrodite, is the most peaceful area of the Golden Isle. While it's not entirely free from monsters, its wide open spaces and resource-rich groves and gardens make it an excellent choice to explore early in the game. The most accessible mount in the Valley is Tyrian, a purple unicorn who hangs out on the southern coast in a relatively enemy-free area. Plus, what could be cooler than a purple unicorn?

1. Laurion - Clashing Rocks

Fenyx Rising Laurion

The silver Pegasus Laurion is the absolute best mount in the game not just because he's gorgeous to look at, but because he is accessible extremely early in Immortals Fenyx Rising's story. The winged Laurion is located in the Clashing Rocks, the very first area of the Golden Isle accessible to the player. To find Laurion, all players must do is journey to the southern-most island in the Clashing Rocks and look around its base. Taming Laurion early in the game makes exploring the rest of the Golden Isle a much easier task.

Do you agree with this list? Did your favorite mount not make the top 10? Which horse, deer, zebra, or mythological creature have you been riding around as you explore the Golden Isle? Let us know!

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