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So, you’ve just landed on the Golden Isle. Your brother and all your crewmates have been turned to stone and you need to defeat a big, red demon bloke called Typhon to get everyone back to normal. Naturally. Once you reach Immortals Fenyx Rising's hub zone, the Hall of the Gods, you can head out in whichever direction takes your fancy.

Let's be honest, your head’s probably spinning, especially with the perennially irritating Hermes zooming around it.

Luckily, we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. There’s a lot to get to grips with if you’re going to make your way in Immortals Fenyx Rising, especially on Hard Mode, so here are six crucial hints and tips that’ll have you scaling mountains and toppling Titans in no time. 

Travel Everywhere On Foot in Immortals Fenyx Rising

OK, not everywhere. We don’t expect anyone to be trekking from King’s Peak to Clashing Rocks. If walking simulators are your jam, you should probably be playing Death Stranding anyway.

The reason that it’s worth traveling primarily on foot (or, more often that not, on wing) is that gathering resources is a big part of Immortals Fenyx Rising. You probably won’t collect enough health- and stamina-replenishing ingredients if you fast travel everywhere. Running, riding, and flying from A to B is a good way to gather resources painlessly rather than having to make special trips.

Medusa and Fenyx screenshot
If you don't travel on foot, you might not get to bump into charming characters like this.

There are also heaps of loot and side quests hidden around the Golden Isle that you can easily miss. Travelling on foot means you'll get to see more of what Immortals Fenyx Rising has to offer. That leads us onto the next tip.

Stray Off the Beaten Track in the Golden Isle

For those of you who’ve played an open-world game before, this one’s pretty self-explanatory. Still, never forget that exploration is key. It’s tempting at times to fast travel to the next quest zone or just run from A to B, but this isn’t always the most fruitful approach. It’s well worth taking some time to explore, especially early on in your playthrough.

There’s so much content packed into Immortals Fenyx Rising that you don’t want to risk missing anything by taking the quick route. As well as lots of strong gear and useful resources, there are lots of cool side quests that are only triggered by taking the road less travelled.

Some of my favorite moments playing Immortals Fenyx Rising were discovering secret caves or deserted islands, far from the main points of interest, and hearing Prometheus recount the mythical tales associated with them.

Use Your Far Sight

The game forces you to do this to an extent. The main quest involves scaling the statues of Gods and Goddesses in each region and scouring the land for key sites. Still, it wasn’t until a good few hours in that I remembered to do it myself. Learn from my mistakes!

Aphrodite and Fenyx screenshot
Is Aphrodite huge or just really, really close?

Try to activate your far sight (by pushing the right thumbstick in on console) if you’re at the top of a particularly large mountain or building. Revealing challenges, chests, and resources makes it much easier to visit them efficiently as you travel round. By the end of my playthrough, I settled into a satisfying routine of hopping from one point of interest to the next in order to pick stuff up as efficiently as possible. If that’s your jam, far sight is your friend.

Upgrade One Thing At A Time

Pretty much immediately, Fenyx gets access to a whole host of different weapons and abilities. Aside from specific situations, like using your axe to fight enemies with a shield or shooting down harpies with your bow, it can be hard to know what to use and when to use it.

At first, I just upgraded all weapons and abilities equally. However, fights are much easier and more satisfying when you focus on upgrading one thing at a time.

For example, use Adamantine shards to upgrade your sword and focus on it as much as possible. The sword is a very versatile weapon that can be used in nearly all fights. At the same time, spend Coins of Charon to upgrade sword-related abilities and wore armor that gave sword attacks exciting side effects. Focusing on one area allows you to adjust your playstyle accordingly and thus deal a lot more damage in combat.

Side effects are an important part of combat and include stuff like refilling your stamina/health with each hit, increasing damage while Fenyx is in the air, and, most importantly, stunning your enemy.

Girls Just Wanna Use Stun

Stuns are incredibly powerful in Immortals Fenyx Rising. It's never a bad idea to increase your stun potential as much as possible. You can unlock abilities, purchase upgrades and find equipment that increases Fenyx's skill at filling enemies' stun meters as quickly as possible.

For those wondering, the little blue bar below an enemy’s health is its stun meter. Once it fills, it’ll turn gold and the enemy will be unable to move for a few seconds. You can then attack them without fear of taking damage (unless there are other enemies in the vicinity) until their stun meter depletes and they come to their senses.

Fenyx and Harpy in mid air screenshot
Your bow can be upgraded to stun enemies when fully charged.

Stuns are particularly effective against bigger, stronger enemies as they’re easier to hit with things like arrows or rocks, and you often fight them alone, allowing you to gradually build up their stun meter without being distracted.

Throwing rocks with Herakles’ gauntlets is a good way to build up stun. I’d recommend doing this as much as you can. Scour an area for boulders before a fight so you know where to turn

Unlock Quality-of-Life Skills First

Coins of Charon, attained from completing certain quests, are used to unlock Godly Powers and new skills. There are absolutely heaps to choose from, and it’d take dozens of hours to unlock them all. It’s tempting to unlock the showier Godly Powers first, like Ares’ spears or Hephaistos’ hammer.

This isn’t a bad option, but you don’t need all of them straight away. We recommend that all players unlock the following skills as soon as possible. They're guaranteed to make your battle against Typhon that much easier:

  • Climb Leap - allows you to leap as you climb surfaces, which is faster and consumes less stamina.
  • Glide Boost - makes gliding on your wings faster and more stamina efficient.
  • Telekinesis Gathering - automatically gathers all nearby ingredients rather than having to pick them up individually. Automatically picks up nearby ingredients when on horseback. This one is an absolute godsend.

Well, that should be enough to get you started with life on the Golden Isle. Let us know if you have any other suggestions for tips that all new players need to know! Check out our review of Immortals Fenyx Rising and stay tuned for some more in-depth guides.

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