How to Build a Ship in Farworld Pioneers

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How to Build a Ship in Farworld Pioneers - Cover Iamge Running Away from the Dropship

In this guide, we'll tell you how to Build a Ship in Farworld Pioneers and what you need to do to get all of the parts you need to Build it!

When you first start playing Farworld Pioneers, you'll be focused on growing your Colony and Researching new technology. Eventually, you're going to want to explore other worlds, and that means you're going to have to get your hands on a spaceship. Read on to learn how to get your very own spaceship!

How to Unlock the Ship in Farworld Pioneers

Unlocking the Ship in Farworld Pioneers requires that you defeat the first boss and Research the drops that you receive from it. (You can read about how to find and beat the first boss in our Starter Guide!)

Here's how to unlock the Ship in Farworld Pioneers:

  1. Research "A way out?" to find the Underground Factory.
  2. Travel to the Underground Factory and defeat its boss.
  3. Retrieve the Data Drive and Superconductor.
  4. Research the Data Drive and Superconductor.
  5. You can now Build a Landing Pad (and a Ship).

How to Build a Ship in Farworld Pioneers - Constructing the Drop Pod

How to Build a Ship in Farworld Pioneers

Once you've defeated the first boss and Researched the necessary technologies, you'll need to actually build yourself a spaceship. Here's what you need to do to Build a Ship in Farworld Pioneers:

  1. Build a Landing Pad on the surface for 10 Steel Ingots and 6 Copper Ingots.
  2. Interact with the completed Landing Pad and select "Dropship."
  3. Build the Dropship for 60 Steel Ingots, 40 Copper Ingots, 40 Machined Parts, and 10 Circuit Boards.

You're going to need access to Iron, Copper, Gold, and Hydrocarbons in order to Build your ship, so you'll have to do a fair amount of digging underground to collect enough materials and Research all of the prerequisite technologies.

Once your Ship is finished, you can hop in and fly to another world to explore it -- you're sure to find some useful stuff for your Colony there!

Thanks for reading our guide on how to build a ship in Farworld Pioneers. Make sure to check out our other guides below!


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