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In this Farworld Pioneers Research Guide, we'll tell you how Research Works, how to unlock more Research, and the best way to Research new technology!

Your first Colony will be pretty basic at the start of your adventure in Farworld Pioneers, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Smartly using the Research system will allow you to unlock powerful new technologies to Craft and increase the chances of survival for you and your Colonists. Read on to learn more!

How Research Works in Farworld Pioneers

First and foremost, Farworld Pioneers Research will require a Research Bench and a source of power. In the early game, this will be a Steam Generator; later on, you'll upgrade to better generators to power your Research efforts (and the rest of your Colony, natch).

Once that's all set up, you can then interact with the Research Bench and select something to Research. When it's finished, you'll have to manually select your next project.

Researching is automatically completed at a very slow rate with the Research Bench's built-in AI. You cannot speed up Research by yourself. However, your Colonists can man a Research Bench and significantly increase the progress of Research. Best of all, this speed bonus stacks with multiple  manned Research Benches; build two Research Benches and your current Research Project will go twice as fast!

Some Research requires you to find specific items in the game world before you can do it; exploration is key to fully unlocking the Research tree. As you might expect, some Research won't be unlocked until you Research other prerequisites, too.

Best Way to Research in Farworld Pioneers

The best way to Research in Farworld Pioneers is to have multiple powered Research Benches that are manned by your Colonists.

Farworld Pioneers Research and Unlocks Guide - Full Undiscovered Research Tree

Farworld Pioneers Research List

Research Progress Prerequisites Unlocks
A way out? 4,000 N/A Underground Factory location
Acid Crystal 8,200 Pick up 1 Acid Crystal ?
Advanced Gunsmithing 12,000 Armory Armor-Piercing Gunnery Research, Battle Rifle Research, Demolitions Research, Shotguns Research, Submachine Guns Research
Advanced Metallurgy 60,000 Silicon Wafers Ceramic Armor
Advanced Shotguns 32,000 Shotguns ?
Armor-Piercing Gunnery 32,000 Advanced Gunsmithing ?
Armory 8,000 N/A Advanced Gunsmithing Research, Armory
Automated Turret 52,000 Silicon Wafers Automated Turrets
Batteries 12,000 Sulfur ?
Battle Rifle 32,000 Advanced Gunsmithing Battle Rifle
Body Armor 16,000 Clothing Manufacture Steel Body Armor, Steel Helmet
Carbon Fiber 50,000 Plastic Carbon Fiber
Chainsaw 30,000 N/A Chainsaw
Chemistry N/A N/A Chemistry Lab
Circuit Boards 42,000 Plastic Circuit Boards
Clothing Manufacture 12,000 N/A Body Armor Research, Polar Gear Research, Tailor Bench
Data Drive 42,000 Defeat 1st boss Spaceflight
Demolitions 32,000 Advanced Gunsmithing Grenade
Diamond 50,000 Pick up 1 Diamond ?
Emerald 20,000 Pick up 1 Emerald ?
Experimental Ordinance 42,000 Heavy Ordinance ?
Flamethrower 50,000 Refining, Heavy Ordnance Flamethrower
Food Processing 15,000 Plastic Food Packager
Forestry 12,000 N/A Allows Colonists to automatically plant trees
FTL Cooling 120,000 Purchase FTL Cooling ?
FTL Core 120,000 Purchase FTL Core ?
FTL Drive 400,000 FTL Core, FTL Thruster, FTL Cooling, FTL Drive ?
FTL Navigation System 120,000 Purchase FTL Navigation System ?
FTL Thruster 120,000 Purchase FTL Thruster ?
Hazmat Suit 22,000 Polar Gear, Plastic Hazmat Suit
Heavy Body Armor 36,000 Advanced Metallurgy Heavy Body Armor
Heavy Ordnance 32,000 Demolitions ?
Hydroponics 26,000 Plastic Hydroponics Table
Hyperweave Armor 80,000 Heavy Body Armor Hyperweave Armor
Laser Lenses N/A Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, or Diamond ?
Laser Pistol 24,000 Laser Technology Laser Pistol
Laser Rifle 28,000 Laser Technology Laser Rifle
Laser Technology 70,000 Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, or Diamond ?
Medkit 5,000 N/A Medkit
Meme Crystals 300,000 Find Quasicrystals ?
Mining Drill 22,000 N/A Mining Drill
Missiles 32,000 Heavy Ordinance ?
Nuclear Ordinance 212,000 Missiles ?
Photovoltaics 60,000 Silicon Wafers Solar Panels
Plasteel Ore 70,000 Pick up 1 Plasteel Ore Plasteel Ore
Plasteel Refining 50,000 Plasteel Ore Plasteel Refining
Plastic 42,000 Batteries ?
Plastic Explosives 20,000 Demolitions C4 Pack
Polar Gear 22,000 Clothing Manufacture Polar Gear
Power Armor 120,000 Hyperweave Armor Power Armor
Ruby 6,000 Pick up 1 Ruby ?
Sapphire 15,000 Pick up 1 Sapphire ?
Shale 15,000 Pick up 1 Shale Stone Chunk ?
Shotguns 32,000 Advanced Gunsmithing Shotgun Recipes
Silicon 70,000 Pick up 1 Silicon Ore ?
Silicon Wafers 50,000 Silicon Silicon Wafers
Submachine Guns 32,000 Advanced Gunsmithing Submachine Gun Recipes
Sulfur 5,600 Pick up 1 Sulfur ?
Superconductor 40,000 Defeat 1st boss Tesla Technology
Tar 16,000 Pick up 1 Tar ?
Tesla Charger 80,000 Tesla Technology Tesla Charger
Tesla Emitter 80,000 Tesla Technology Tesla Emitter
Tesla Rifle 80,000 Tesla Technology Tesla Rifle
Tesla Technology 100,000 Superconductor ?

We're at the end of our Farworld Pioneers Research and Unlocks Guide, but there's plenty more to explore -- check out our other guides below!


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