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Our Farworld Pioneers Colony Guide will tell you how to set up a Colony, how to get more Colonists, how to equip your Colonists, and more!

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How to Feed Your Colonists | How to Equip Colonists
Where to Build Your Colony | How to Defend Against Raids

A somewhat unique aspect of Farworld Pioneers is its Colony system. Colonists won't just help defend your base -- they'll assist you with Crafting, Research, and Farming. It's not too difficult to properly manage your Colony once you understand the basics of the game -- read on to learn all about Colonies!

How to Set Up Your Farworld Pioneers Colony

The Farworld Pioneers Colony system is fairly free-form; as far as I can tell, there is no need to set up borders or special markers to define your Colony. Your Colony is wherever you happen to build it -- as long as you have the basics covered.

Essentially, you'll need the following for your Colony:

  • Beds for your Colonists
  • Stockpiles for Storing Items
  • Farms for Food
  • A Source of Heat

That's basically it! That said, your Colonists can help you out with Crafting, Research, Farming, and combat, so it's a good idea to keep everyone together in one base.

Farworld Pioneers Colony Guide - Standing in the Middle of an Underground Colony

How to Get More Colonists in Farworld Pioneers

You can get more Colonists in Farworld Pioneers by exploring the surface of the planet and finding stray NPCs with blue names. You can ask them to join you and they'll start heading toward your Colony. They have a chance to get stuck, though, so it might be a good idea to add them to your party by asking them to follow you and manually walking them back to your Colony.

Take care not to shoot or attack blue-name NPCs before inviting them -- if you do, this will turn them hostile and you'll have to kill them.

NPCs with red names are Raiders and are never friendly -- they will attack you on sight if Peaceful Mode is off. If Peaceful Mode is on, they will only attack you if you attack them first. In either case, Raiders cannot be recruited to join your Colony.

How to Keep Your Colonists Fed in Farworld Pioneers

The best way to keep your Colonists fed in Farworld Pioneers is by setting up Farming. 2 to 4 tiles of planted Potatoes per Colonist should ensure that you have more than enough Food, especially if you assign a Colonist to continually Craft Baked Potatoes at a Kitchen or Campfire.

In the short term, you can harvest, loot, or purchase food and put it in your storage to supply your Colonists. That said, Farming is the only sustainable way to keep everyone's bellies full, so get a Farm set up ASAP!

Farworld Pioneers Colony Guide - Attacking a Raider Camp
You're not the only one who has a home on the planet -- and your neighbors aren't exactly friendly.

How to Equip Your Colonists in Farworld Pioneers

You can equip your Colonists in Farworld Pioneers by interacting with them and selecting "Equip." Once you do that, you'll open up their inventory and you can supply them with whatever Weapons, Guns, Armor, and other items that you might want them to have.

It should be noted that Colonists will automatically equip the best possible gear that they can find in Storage. If you don't want your Colonists to equip certain items, take care to block them from using these items by toggling the appropriate option in the storage's menu or putting the storage behind a locked door.

Where Should You Build Your Colony in Farworld Pioneers?

There are essentially three options for building a Colony in Farworld Pioneers: underground, aboveground, or a mix of both. You can get a rundown of what you should do in the first few in-game days in our Starter Guide.

Tiles can be destroyed by gunfire and other attacks, so building underground has several advantages. You don't have to worry about a Raider's gunfire destroying your walls. You can also more easily control the possible attack routes by having fewer ways into the Colony.

On the other hand, an aboveground Colony can look nicer and give you more breathing room. You won't have to do as much digging to clear out space, although you will need to gather the materials necessary to build walls, floors, ceilings, and background walls. Either choice is valid; carefully consider what you would like to do before you invest time in Building your Colony!

How to Defend Against Raids in Farworld Pioneers

If you have Peaceful Mode disabled, you will occasionally get attacked by Raiders in Farworld Pioneers. Fortunately, you can defend against their attacks with a little planning.

First and foremost, it's helpful to equip yourself and your Colonists with the best Armor and Guns that you can. I recommend that you give every Colonist a Simple Carbine and 100 Ammo at the minimum. Once you have some more resources stored up, you can Research "Advanced Gunsmithing" and upgrade your Colonists to Battle Rifles. Both of these guns are single-shot weapons, so they'll help conserve ammo and give you a better chance of having your attacks land on target.

Secondly, it can be helpful to minimize the potential ways into your Colony. I tend to Build my Colonies underground and with only one entrance to the surface. This lets me know where the enemies will be coming from and it gives me time to prepare a defense.

There are some options for automated defenses, but you won't really have access to these until you've found Silicon and Researched it. It's better to arm yourself and your Colonists as best as you can.

Finally, it's important to keep spare Doors, Armor, and Guns on hand. Doors can and will be destroyed by Raiders when they attack and it's a good idea to replace them as soon as you win the battle.

Thanks for reading our Farworld Pioneers Colony Guide. Take a look at our other guides below!


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