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Harvestella features a number of different collectables, one of which being the various Conellu dolls you can find throughout the world. These dolls are hidden in strange places, with their use not made obvious to players early on. In our Harvestella Conellu Dolls Guide, we’ll go over what these mysterious items are used for, and where you can find more to add to your collection.

Screenshot showing door to Harvestella Conellu Dolls trader.

What Are Harvestella Conellu Dolls Used For?

While it’s possible to find a number of Conellu dolls during the first few chapters of Harvestella, there’s nothing you can actually do with them that early on. Instead, you must wait until the game gives you multiple subchapters to choose from during Chapter 3.

The subchapter we’re interested in is Chapter 3B: The Bulla's Requiem. This will take you south of your farm, through the Jade Forest and into the seaside town, Shatolla. In Shatolla, head to the caverns that can be accessed from the north. Inside, you’ll find a Motus Monolite and a small door. Completing the Chapter 3B storyline will allow you to go through the door, which will introduce you to Chief Conellu.

Chief Conellu will take any collected Conellu dolls off your hands, with a number of rewards being obtainable once you hit certain amounts. These rewards are:

  • Arched Green Fence Recipe
  • Simple Vitality Ring
  • 15 dolls - Accessory Synthesis Jar Recipe

The Steam version of Harvestella also has two achievements tied to doll collecting. These are “Conellu Collector” for finding 10 dolls, and “Conellu Mania” for collecting them all.

Harvestella Conellu Dolls Locations

Looking to collect them all? Read on for every Harvestella Conellu Doll location!

Bird’s Eye Brae - Behind Lv 1 Bomb rocks.

Screenshot of Bird's Eye Brae map in Harvestella.

Higan Canyon - I Scarlet Gorge

Map of Higan Canyon I in Harvestella.

Higan Canyon - III Cypress Crossing

Map of Higan Canyon III in Harvestella

Heaven’s Egg - I Improper Ruins

Map of Heaven's Egg I in Harvestella.

Heaven’s Egg - III Mutant Vegetation

Map of Heaven's Egg III in Harvestella.

Heaven’s Egg - V Wet Footprints

Map of Heaven's Egg V in Harvestella.

Jade Forest

Map of Jade Forest in Harvestella.

Shatolla, Level 2

Map of Shatolla Level 2 in Harvestella.

Coral Shrine - I Seabed Corridor

Map of Coral Shrine I in Harvestella.

Coral Shrine - III Three-Pronged Crossroad

Map of Coral Shrine III in Harvestella.

Coral Shrine - V Echo of the Bulla (need to drain water first)

Map of Coral Shrine V in Harvestella.

Silent Cave

Map showing Silent Cave area in Harvestella.

Divine Seaslight Cave - I Hidden Glacier Approach

Map showing Divine Seaslight Cave I in Harvestella.

Divine Seaslight Cave - III Frozen Crossroads

Map showing Divine Seaslight Cave III in Harvestella.

This guide is a work-in-progress, and will be updated frequently with more information


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