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Square Enix
Square Enix
Nintendo Switch, PC
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November 4, 2022 (Calendar)
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Harvestella is a graphically stunning new-life simulation RPG that seamlessly blends intense combat battles with soothing farming and building. The main goal is to build a completely self-sufficient life with your very own home as the base of operations. You will come across friends and foes as you explore, but always be careful, as the Quietus season is in full bloom. During this treacherous season, plants wither away to dust, the air is almost unbreathable, and it seems as though a blanket of death covers the lands. Each year, the Quietus season seems to become longer and longer, leading to drought, no crops for harvest, and just a deep fog that no one can seem to shake. 

There are four major cities, towns, and areas to explore, all coming with their own set of benefits. Nemea Town is home to cherry blossoms that bloom year-round without reason, while Lethe Village is a village that goes through all four seasons and encapsulates each season's vast beauty. Shatolla is s seaside town that is teeming with life and is home to a thriving little tavern to wet your whistle at any given time of day, and The Holy Capital of Argene is covered from peak to valley in luxurious white snow. 

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Players will encounter new friends, such as "Shrika," a missionary in search of a new faith, "Heine," a flirtatious and handsome mechanic, "Asyl," a descendant of the Wind Readers, and "Aria," a mysterious girl who says she has come from the future. By facing their problems and their different ways of life, you will gain a better understanding of your allies.