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Published: August 3, 2022 11:59 AM /


Some of the characters in Harvestella looking out at a giant twisted tree

A fresh batch of new Harvestella info has just appeared in Square Enix's vegetable patch (have we milked this metaphor enough for you yet?). New info includes a spotlight on a brand new job, as well as details about socializing and selling your crops to make a profit.

What's going on in the world of Harvestella?

It's fair to say Harvestella faces some pretty stiff competition, with games like Hokko Life and smaller indie projects like Moondrop gearing up for release soon. Square Enix isn't letting that stop Harvestella, though, as we now have a brand new crop of info on the game (okay, sorry, we'll stop now). First up, we're getting a fresh look at the town of Nemea, which is a beautiful settlement wreathed with cherry blossoms. All is not well in Nemea, though; it's under attack by monsters, and a massive egg has appeared on the Seaslight, the great crystal that governs the seasons (for it is always crystals in a Square Enix game, n'est-ce pas?). You'll need to work alongside residents like Istina and Asyl, the latter of whom will also grant you access to the powerful group-oriented Sky Lancer job.


The player fighting enemies with the Sky Lancer job in Harvestella
Sky Lancer is a job in Harvestella that's all about battling groups of enemies.

It's not just about fighting, though. Square Enix has also revealed a little more about how socializing and character stories will work in Harvestella. Each party member has a personal story to work through, and doing so will help you grow closer to them, which will give you extra options in combat and may even result in tangible rewards. Other important characters who don't join you in battle will also have stories to play through, and they'll all revolve around these characters' unique problems, so make sure you help your friends if you want to excel in Harvestella.

How do you make money in Harvestella?

As well as the aforementioned info about the story and characters of Harvestella, Square Enix also devoted a little time to the more prosaic elements of farming and making money in the game. Some crops in Harvestella can be grown and harvested whenever you like, but others are season-specific. Spring crops, for example, include the Nemean tomato, the Wisty peach, and the "cucumble", which...well, yeah, it's a cucumber. You can then use the crops you've harvested to make mouth-watering dishes like strawberry shortcake and Nemea bolognese. You can also fish, of course, and use the fish you catch to cook or ship them off to make money, just like you can with crops (or you can process your crops to make even more cash).

The player fishing in Harvestella
You can have a jolly old time fishing in Harvestella (and make wads of cash doing it too).

Harvestella is an upcoming RPG-farming sim hybrid developed by Square Enix. Originally announced during the Nintendo Direct Mini back in June, the game tasks you with traveling its world to uncover the secrets of the Quietus, a fifth season that threatens to destroy the delicate balance of nature. Harvestella will offer RPG-style combat mechanics with changeable jobs, as well as classic life sim activities like farming, fishing, and more. It's launching for Nintendo Switch and for PC via Steam on November 4th.


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