New Harvestella Winter Info Shared By Square Enix

Published: October 19, 2022 11:36 AM /


A character running down a snow-strewn street in Harvestella

Square Enix has unveiled some new Harvestella winter info, showcasing how this chilly season will work in the RPG-farming sim hybrid. The studio has also revealed changes coming to the game as a result of feedback from the demo, including reduced loading times, better UI indicators, and more.

If you've been keeping up with Harvestella, you'll have seen the trickle of information Square Enix has been releasing about the game, including socializing and character stories and how farming gameplay will work. Now, it's the turn of the most underrated season, winter, to get a look-in, as Square Enix has revealed what you'll get up to while the weather outside is frightful.

The wintry city of Argene in Harvestella
Harvestella will have some beautiful architecture for you to admire.

The focus this time around is on the city of Argene, the holy capital city that serves as the base of the game's religious Seaslight Order. You'll visit Argene to investigate the Winter Seaslight, but you'll need to have your wits about you, as you might not be granted access without a special item. Luckily, there could be some hidden passageways and routes that not even the Seaslight Order knows about.

Other new details include the introduction of Brakka, a gun-wielding mercenary who will do anything for the right price. If all of this combat is starting to sound like a bit much for you, then you might be better disposed towards Faerie Orders, which are a series of tasks you can complete that will grant you rewards. These include growing vegetables, refurbishing your farm, and completing quests. These orders are worth doing, as the rewards will make the farming process easier for you.

We also got a look at some of the crops you'll only be able to grow during Harvestella's harsh winters. These include the hardy lumpotato, the snowcap mikan (it's basically an orange), and the Argene cabbage. Naturally, you can put these ingredients into a variety of delectable winter dishes like marmalade, Argene cabbage stew, and ice cream.

Harvestella's high-octane combat isn't missing out

It's not just about cities and farming, of course. If you're more excited about the combat element of Harvestella, there's plenty in this latest update for you as well. Two new jobs have been unveiled: Avenger and Pilgrim. The former is a ranged job with great-distance attacks, while the latter is a magic-melee hybrid that fights with a sword.

While you're adventuring, you might encounter enemies with the "FEAR" designation. They're effectively elite enemies that yield better rewards if you manage to take them down, but you shouldn't approach them if your party is weak. When it's time to take a break, make sure to break bread with your party members, as food will do more than just grant buffs; it could also lead to unique storylines that will have the added bonus of giving even better buffs than normal.

The Pilgrim job using a magic attack in Harvestella
There will be a range of jobs to check out in Harvestella.

As if all that wasn't enough, Square Enix also shared information regarding what changes will be made to Harvestella based on demo feedback. These changes (thanks, Gematsu) include reduced loading times, better hit time for fishing, a low-HP warning effect, and lots of bug fixes. If you tried out the Harvestella demo and found it a little buggy, then it sounds like the finished release will be better.

You can check out the full rundown of all the new Harvestella winter info right here courtesy of Square EnixHarvestella launches on PC and Nintendo Switch on November 4th, and you can check out a demo right now if you're playing on Switch.


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