Darkest Dungeon 2 Highwayman Guide - Best Skills and Shrine Battle Tips

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DD2 Highwayman

Dismas the Highwayman is one of the characters available by default in Darkest Dungeon 2. He actually has several abilities that make him one of the better picks in the game. Here’s our Darkest Dungeon 2 Highwayman guide to help you unlock the best skills and complete the Shrine battles.

Dismas the Highwayman Skills | Darkest Dungeon 2

Skill Name Effect Unlock Method
Wicked Slice A decent single-target melee attack that partially ignores resistance Available by default
Pistol Shot The Highwayman’s basic ranged attack Available by default
Duelist’s Advance Causes the Highwayman to lunge forward to attack an enemy; also grants a riposte token Available by default
Tracking Shot Removes the dodge token from a target Available by default
Take Aim Gives a crit and dodge token; removes blind Available by default
Point-Blank Shot Only usable when the Highwayman is in front and it can only target an enemy in the front rank as well; causes the Highwayman to move backward; knocks back the target and adds a combo token First visit to a Shrine (battle) - Freedom
Open Vein Deals low damage to a single target (first two ranks) and adds a bleed effect Second visit to a Shrine (narration) - Laying Low
Highway Robbery Can be cast on a target in the first three ranks, but the target must have a positive token; destroys all positive tokens by default; steals two of the positive tokens if upgraded Third visit to a Shrine (narration) - One Last Job
Grapeshot Blast Hits the first two targets in front; the upgraded skill grants a riposte token to the Highwayman if the enemy has a combo token Fourth visit to a Shrine (battle) - Highway Robbery
Double Tap A direct damage attack; deals extra damage if the target is below 30% health (or 50% health if upgraded) Fifth visit to a Shrine (narration) - Shackled
Double Cross A direct damage attack; gives the Highwayman a guarded token; gives the enemy a vulnerable token Fifth visit to a Shrine (narration) - Shackled
DD2 Highwayman Shackled
You’ll learn more about this vagabond’s past.

Shrine Battle: Freedom - How to defeat the Guards

This is a unique Shrine battle for the Highwayman in Darkest Dungeon 2. You’re up against four Guard NPCs, though they have fairly low HP, too. You’ll mostly use Lunging Cuff to get to the front quickly, followed by Knee Strike.

If a Guard has the Sound the Alarm token (horn icon), use the Stone Missile. Otherwise, you’d get pushed back. After killing all four Guards, you’ll obtain the Point-Blank Shot skill.

DD2 Highwayman Shrine Battle Freedom
The enemies here are pushovers.

Shrine Battle: Highway Robbery - How to rob the Coach

You’re going up two Treasury Guards and the Coach that they’re protecting. Each time you kill a Treasury Guard, the Coach will spawn reinforcements at the end of the turn.

The idea is to use Duelist’s Advance to reach the front. Then, damage the Coach if possible with Aimed Blast. The Treasury Guards will also spot you and push you back, causing Stress pips to appear. That’s why it’s important to focus primarily on the Coach whenever you can. Once you destroy it, you’ll receive the Grapeshot Blast skill.

DD2 Highwayman Shrine Battle Highway Robbery
You’ll alternate between maneuvering and taking out the Stagecoach.

The Best Highwayman Skills | Darkest Dungeon 2

Make no mistake, the Highwayman is an amazing character to have in your squad.

Here are what we consider as the best skills for the Highwayman in Darkest Dungeon 2:

  • Duelist’s Advance - You’ll want to place the Highwayman in position #3 (third spot from the left). Whenever it’s his turn, just use this to strike an enemy and gain a riposte token. You should be able to counter a couple of hits made against you. Along with the Man-at-arms, the Highwayman is the only one with a riposte ability that makes him a versatile fighter.
  • Point-Blank Shot - Once the Highwayman is in front, use this ability to deal decent damage and move him backward again (setting up the next move). It also adds a combot token on a target.
  • Grapeshot Blast - Since a target has a combo token, use this to hit two enemies in front. You’ll also gain a riposte token if this skill is upgraded.
  • Double Tap - Dealing more damage when a target has low health is certainly a must, especially when you’re fighting bosses.
  • Pistol Shot - You’ll want Pistol Shot just to hit something in the backline whenever it’s necessary (i.e., against Cherubs in Cultist Encounters).

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