Darkest Dungeon 2 Runaway Guide - Best Skills and Shrine Battle Tips

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DD2 Runaway Guide

Bonnie the Runaway is currently the only new character in Darkest Dungeon 2, as everyone else is a returning hero from the original game. On the bright side, she can definitely hold her own. But, you do need to reach Profile Rank 6 to unlock her. Here’s our Darkest Dungeon 2 Runaway guide to help you unlock the best skills and complete the Shrine battles.

Bonnie the Runaway Skills | Darkest Dungeon 2

Skill Name Effect Unlock Method
Searing Strike Average damage to a single target (first two ranks); causes burn; when upgraded, a random adjacent monster will also be afflicted with burn if the main target has a combo token Available by default
Firefly Low damage to single target (all ranks except the front); causes burn; when upgraded, a random adjacent monster will also be afflicted with burn if the main target has a combo token Available by default
Smokescreen Adds a combo, blind, and vulnerable token to a target enemy Available by default
Run and Hide From any position, the Runaway can move a single spot backward; gives +3 HP healed and a stealth token Available by default
Hearthlight Removes stealth tokens from enemies and blind tokens from allies; affects all enemies Available by default
Ransack Deals average damage; pulls self forward; pulls enemy forward First visit to a Shrine (battle) - The Pigs of St. Martha’s
Cauterize A healing spell that also removes bleeding; can only be cast on a target that’s suffering from the bleed effect Second visit to a Shrine (narration) - Beloved
Controlled Burn Can target a single opponent, placing a flame on their location; ignores dodge, stealth, and blind Third visit to a Shrine (narration) - Drawn to the Flame
Dragonfly Deals low damage to the first two ranks; inflicts burn status; causes the Runaway to move backward Fourth visit to a Shrine (battle) - Burnt Offering
Firestarter Buffs an ally so that their attack will inflict burn on their target Fifth visit to a Shrine (narration) - Ashes
Backdraft Can target an enemy except for the one in the front spot; the target must have someone in front affected by burn; the damage inflicted is based on the remaining turns of the burn effect Fifth visit to a Shrine (narration) - Ashes
DD2 Runaway Guide Ashes
Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.

Shrine Battle: The Pigs of St. Martha’s - How to steal from the Nun

The goal here is to move from one spot to the next until you reach the front (just use the regular movement action). Once you’re right next to the Nun, use the Pickpocket command. This will cause you to steal one key and move you all the way to the back.

Repeat the steps until you can steal all three keys. Oh, and watch out if the Nun is watching a specific spot. Her attacks can deal Stress damage. When you’re done, you’ll receive the Ransack skill.

DD2 Runaway Shrine Pigs of St Martha
Steal from the Nun NPC three times to finish this Shrine battle for the Runaway in Darkest Dungeon 2.

Shrine Battle: Burnt Offering - How to torch all the furniture

First, use Spark Flint on all three objects. Then, use Feed the Flame on each of them. Each furniture that you use it on will damage the Runaway every turn. That’s why you only want to use this after all objects have the Spark Flint token. When you’re done, you’ll get the Dragonfly skill.

DD2 Runaway Burnt Offering Shrine
Use Feed the Flame only once all objects are affected by Spark Flint. Otherwise, you’re going to take a lot of damage while you’re just setting up the whole thing.

The Best Runaway Skills | Darkest Dungeon 2

Here are our picks for the best Runaway skills in Darkest Dungeon 2:

  • Searing Strike and/or Firefly - These two, once upgraded with Mastery points, can ensure that targets will have their HP dwindling constantly due to the burn effect.
  • Smokescreen - This is a decent way to set up additional attacks from the Runaway or her teammates due to combo tokens.
  • Backdraft - If you wish to quickly eliminate a target that’s behind other mobs, then you’ll want to ensure that the one in front of them is already burning.
  • Dragonfly - If you want to inflict burn on two frontline targets quickly, then this is better than Searing Strike. However, if it’s possible to add a combo token on that target before the Runaway’s turn, then Searing Strike’s proc is better.

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