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Against the Storm has proven to be a lot of fun already, but it's also incredibly complex and deep. When you first finish the tutorial areas and are presented with the full region map, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially since the game doesn't necessarily tell you what all these new symbols actually mean. To help, we present you with what map symbols mean in Against the Storm.  

Against the Storm Map Symbol - Fertile Grounds

What Map Symbols Mean in Against the Storm - Fertile Grounds

The fertile grounds symbol comes in two different varieties. The larger symbol takes up an entire hex on the map and the smaller box symbol you'll see in the summary of a potential settlement before you commit to it. The larger hexagonal version lets you know that all of the hexes adjacent to the symbol will have a fertile grounds bonus applies to them. This bonus increases the chance that glades will have fertile ground for farming when you discover them. The box in your summary lets you know how much of an extra chance you have of discovering fertile ground. 

Against the Storm Map Symbol - Ruined Settlement

What Map Symbols Mean in Against the Storm

The ruined settlement symbols work in the same way as the fertile grounds symbols: a larger hexagonal one, and a smaller box one. Once again, the large symbol lets you know that the ruined settlement modifier applies to all adjacent tiles. The modifier here means that you're likely to find a lot of ruined buildings in your new settlement from a previous one that failed. There's no percentage this time as this modifier refers to a starting fixture, rather than an increased chance of finding something. 

Against the Storm Map Symbol - Stonewood Infestation

What Map Symbols Mean in Against the Storm - Stonewood Infestation

Once again, the Stonewood infestation symbols come in pairs, with the map tile once against indicating that each adjacent tile will have a specific modifier. The modifier in question means that all trees are a certain percent tougher than they should be. Effectively, this will increase the time it takes you to cut them down by a certain amount, in the example above, it'll take 30% longer for your woodcutters to actually get any wood from a tree. This is a big deal when you probably need that wood as fuel for your hearth, so maybe think about unlocking coal production ASAP in these areas. 

Against the Storm Map Symbol - Machinery, Food Stockpiles, and Artifacts 

What Symbols Mean in Against the Storm - Machiners, Food Stockpiles, and Artifacts

You've probably seen the machinery, food stockpiles, and artifacts symbols all over the game, so let me explain a bit about what each variation means. Firstly, the row of these symbols at the top of your map screen indicates how many of each one you currently have. You use these to buy upgrades which are invaluable for surviving in later cycles, so make sure you keep track of how many you've got on you at any given time. 

If you see these reward symbols in the top right corner of a map tile, that means it's an added bonus reward you'll get upon completing a settlement on an adjacent tile. You should only find these versions of the symbols on golden tiles that indicate a modifier. Not to be confused with the same symbols on the top left of a tile when you hover over them. These indicate a reward you'll get from completing a scenario but are found all over the map, not just on golden tiles. All of these symbols on either side are added together to calculate your reward once you succeed. 

The easiest way to track these reward symbols is in the summary window when you hover over a potential settlement tile. At the bottom of the panel on the left will be a heading called Rewards which shows you what success will net you on your currently selected tile. If your reward seems lower than you thought it would be, check for greyed-out symbols which indicate a reward you've already earned from a previous success. 

Against the Storm Map Symbol - Friendship and Support Symbols

What Map Symbols Mean in Aginst the Storm - Friendship and Support Symbols

Friendship and support symbols come in 3 flavors to match the 3 different races in the game. Pictured above is the lizard version, but the other two are basically the same, but use the standard art for the beaver and human races. These symbols indicate favor with any given race, usually resulting in more members of that race being available, as well as a benefit to that race's resolve during gameplay. Once again, the numbers underneath indicate how much of a bonus you get, with the above numbers indicating an extra lizard each time new settlers show up, and a permanent +3 to lizard resolve as well. 

Against the Storm Map Symbol - Seasonal Conditions

What Map Symbols Mean in Against the Storm - Seasonal Conditions

The final and most mysterious symbols you'll come up against, at least in your first cycle, are those pictures above known as seasonal conditions. These indicate how many positive and negative effects you'll get from the area when you settle there, though the exact nature of these modifiers isn't revealed until you start. This can be anything from an increase in certain types of production during mild seasons, to your villagers getting distracted by storms during the worse seasons. 

Above this row of symbols in your settlement summary, you'll see a magnitude rating from Mild to Severe. This indicates how strong these modifiers will be, with higher ratings making the game much more challenging, so if you're struggling, consider settling somewhere with fewer red boxes and milder conditions. 

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