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A new city in Against the Storm

Resolve is the key to happy villagers in Against the Storm. There are plenty of different factors that change the moods of your villagers, and keeping their resolve high is one of the most important things in the game. This guide will teach you the basics to keeping overall resolve high across humans, beavers, and lizards, but also how to keep resolve high for specific villagers. 

Against the Storm Resolve - Global Resolve Factors

There are a few things that can be done to ensure the happiness of your villagers globally, without having to worry about specific things for the different species.

  • Housing: Housing is an absolute must for their resolve. Although it will take up a lot of space and gradually get more cramped with the more villagers sent to you, it’s very worth it. Basic housing is good for their resolve, but species-specific housing is even better. 
  • Food: Food is also vital to their resolve. Warm meals such as pies and biscuits they will enjoy and are much better for them than insects and mushrooms.
    • Pies are made using the bakery. Humans are best equipped for this job, as they work best on farms or in-house jobs.
    • Jerky is made using the hearth and a smokehouse. Lizards are best suited for the job, as they like working in warm locations and working with meat. 
  • Clothing: Clothing is also a necessity. This can be made at a clothier, provisioner, or artisan. 
  • Treatment: There is also the option to give one specific species ‘lighter treatment’ which boosts their resolve by 5, but it means that the other two species will suffer -5 to their resolve.
  • Hearth(s): The ancient hearth also provides an option to give the fire a sacrifice, which will boost global resolve for a short period of time. However, only do this if you are desperate, or have enough supplies to do this, as this can quickly eat into your fuel. (Worth noting that you can assign a species to some hearths, which grant additional boons)

As seen in the picture below, these menus show their needs, and what has already been taken care of. Their resolve is low, meaning they will start to leave soon if things don't change quickly!

Species Resolve Needs Against The Storm

Events That Lower Resolve in Against the Storm

  • Glades: When traversing through glades, it is likely that you will eventually come across dangerous glades. 
    • There are general factors within these glades that will have a negative effect on your community, so it’s best to only investigate when their resolve is as high as possible.
    • Fallen Villagers: One of the events that happen within the glade is finding fallen villagers, which will generally affect just one species.
      • This lowers their resolve significantly until the bodies are investigated.
    • Broken Caravans: If there are broken caravans, these also come with a consequence. They make all villagers live in fear until they are fully investigated, and have a significant effect on resolve, as seen in the screenshot below.
    • Other Glade Specific Events: There are also events that lower villager speed, slow down woodcutting, and more - once you open a new glade always check what's there and investigate it ASAP to remove the debuff!
  • Storms (Unavoidable): Storms are one of the worst events to affect the villagers, and unfortunately, they can’t be avoided, only prepared for. 
    • When storms hit, make sure to have plenty of fuel for the hearth, housing for all, and plenty of food. 
    • If possible, have their resolve as high as possible before the storm hits, and you’ll be in a much better position. You can see the timer at the top of the screen to prepare.
  • Hearth Failure: If you run out of fuel for your hearth - resolve will drop quickly!
  • Lack of Food: A lack of food will negatively impact resolve, leading to your villagers leaving.
An example of dangerous glades in Against the Storm

Species-Specific Resolve in Against the Storm

There are specific foods and shelters that each species likes more than others. Some species also gain buffs from working in certain buildings, such as Beavers in Woodcutters and Humans on Farms.

Against The Storm Human Resolve Needs

  • Food: Humans have a preference for pies, biscuits, and jerky. 
  • Housing: They also have human housing, which is a solid, safe house that they prefer to normal shelter.
  • Religion: Humans have a need for religion, which is fulfilled by the library, market, or temple. 
  • Leisure: Humans have a need for leisure, which is fulfilled in the guild house, tavern, or teadoctor.

Against The Storm Beaver Resolve Needs

  • Food: Beavers like biscuits and pickled goods. (Pickled goods are made in the cellar.)
  • Housing: Beavers prefer beaver housing, which is cozy, wooden homes. 
  • Luxury: Beavers have a need for luxury, which is fulfilled by the teadoctor, library, or the market.
  • Education: They also have a need for education, which is fulfilled by the guild house, library, or temple. 

Against The Storm Lizard Resolve Needs

  • Food: Lizards like jerky, pie, biscuits, pickled goods, and skewers. (Skewers can be produced at the smokehouse or the butcher.)
  • Housing: Lizards prefer lizard housing, which is a warm, dry house.
  • Religion: Lizards also have a need for religion, the same as humans. 
  • Brotherhood: Lizards have a need for brotherhood, which is fulfilled with the market, tavern, or temple.

That is all you need to know about resolve in Against the Storm! It’s difficult to try and keep their resolve up, but as you advance further into the game, you will find more and more ways to do it.

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