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Against the Storm

Against the Storm already features an almost endless array of challenges, ranging from cursed artifacts to the Blightstorm itself, but that’s not the only thing players will need to worry about. 

While players make efforts to cultivate a bountiful future out in the unpredictable wilds, they will also need to manage a restless population consisting of three different species, including Beavers, Humans, and Lizardfolk. This guide will be updated as the game is expanded and new building discovered.

Against The Storm Species - Beavers, Lizards, and Humans

With teams in optimal positions, the Viceroys just may make it through the treacherous journeys ahead while handling the royal requests of the Queen. Managing the 3 Against The Storm species properly is the key to victory.

Against the Storm

Each species possesses the determination and courage necessary to forge ahead into the mysterious glades, but it’s up to you, one of the Queen’s trusted Viceroys, to ensure everyone is working in the best conditions.

Against The Storm Beaver Tips

Beavers are best used for securing wood, and you’re going to need a lot of it. Make sure to keep Beavers working in Woodcutter’s Camps, and make that your first task on every new map.

Beavers can also be used in some other helpful areas, especially if you're already producing enough wood for your needs. Beavers also excel when working with rainpunk technology, though it will take some determination from aspiring Viceroys before that’s available. 

Whenever Beavers aren’t assigned to Woodcutters Camps, it’s best to have them unassigned to assist with the construction of buildings and paths.

Best Against The Storm Beaver Buildings (All Buildings)

  • Hearth (-20% Fuel Consumption)
  • Beaver House (Resolve Bonus, guaranteed once unlocked in Smoldering City - Dim Square Unlock on Left Side)
  • Woodcutter's Camp (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Lumber Mill (Resolve & Additional Production)
  • Cooperage (Resolve & Additional Production)
  • Crude Workstation (Resolve)
  • Makeshift Post (Resolve)
  • Rain Collector (Resolve)
  • Mine (Resolve)
  • Tool Shop (Resolve)
  • Rain Mill (Resolve)

The Beavers of Against the Storm are built for physical tasks, especially when it involves wood, water, or any other industries requiring strength. Keep their resolve high and no amount of trees will stop you from uncovering the wilderness of Against the Storm.

Against The Storm Human Tips

Humans can gather wood and tend to many different tasks, but they’re suited for specific tasks just like the Beavers. 

Humans are best assigned to tasks involving farming and cooking. These tasks may seem small in number but they cover quite a bit of ground

Players should assign humans to structures surrounding Farm Fields for efficient crops and substantial yields. Food Production is crucial for keeping settlers happy and working. 

Against the Storm

Assigning human settlers to food-related positions like the furnace will help keep them happy, as well as other settlers. 

When farming and food-related tasks are adequately addressed for the time being then it’s best to move them to positions that produce supplies, such as Crude Workstations. 

Best Against The Storm Human Buildings (All Buildings)

  • Hearth (Queen's Impatience -20%)
  • Human House (Resolve Bonus, guaranteed once unlocked in Smoldering City - Dim Square Unlock on Left Side)
  • Small Farm (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Herb Garden (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Herbalist's Camp (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Forager's Camp (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Bakery (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Rain Mill (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Granary (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Common Hall (Resolve)
  • Brewery (Resolve)
  • Apothecary (Resolve)
  • Smokehouse (Resolve)
  • Tavern (Resolve)
  • Butcher (Resolve)
  • Cellar (Resolve)

These and more advanced industries can produce fabric, planks, and other supplies necessary for surviving and thriving, including trading with other settlements.

Keeping proper foods and supplies stocked for settlers and workstations will allow every piece of your settlement to operate more efficiently. It will also reduce your chances of losing settlers. 

Against The Storm Lizard Tips

Lizardfolk are gentle and caring creatures, and their skills reflect as much. It’s best to always have one of the Lizardfolk watching over the Ancient Hearth, granting a +1 to global resolve.

The Lizardfolk are skilled in ancient rites and customs, which makes them perfect for keeping the heart of the colony bright and burning. Players should only assign a Human or Beaver to the hearth if there are no Lizardfolk left. Any species can keep the fire ablaze but Lizardfolk do it best. 

Against the Storm

Lizardfolk prefer warm environments and love gathering food, which makes them the perfect choice for securing meat and vegetables that are found out in the wild. They can also assist with farming tasks when necessary but it’s best to keep them assigned to hunting and gathering when possible. 

These tasks extend past food as well and can include other resources. Lizardfolk also do very well when assigned to foraging and gathering valuable clay deposits. 

Best Against The Storm Lizard Buildings (All Buildings)

  • Hearth (+1 Global Resolve)
  • Lizard House (Resolve Bonus, guaranteed once unlocked in Smoldering City - Dim Square Unlock on Left Side)
  • Makeshift Hearth (Resolve for Worker)
  • Trapper's Camp (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Smokehouse (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Butcher (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Ranch (Resolve and Additional Production)
  • Furnace (Resolve)
  • Kiln (Resolve)

Humans are more susceptible to the harsh conditions of the glades, including the near-constant rainfall. Building shelters early on is important for every species but especially humans and Lizardfolk. 

Keep Your Population Happy in Against The Storm

Poor conditions won’t just lead to a labor shortage; settlers will eventually vacate the settlement and move on, leaving you with less help when you need it most. 

You’ll no doubt want to build dedicated housing when possible to earn additional bonuses for each of the three species but establishing generic housing that doesn’t cater to species-specific needs is still quite helpful, especially early on.

And of course, above all else, things change out in the wilderness. There will likely be more than one instance where you may have rain-soaked humans gathering wood while a lone Beaver watches over the fire. 

Different Situations Can Require Sub-Optimal Placements

It’s going to happen. Circumstances change quickly out in the wilds, and that can mean both ways. Abandon your anxiety and pause the game whenever you need to reassess the situation at hand. Fulfilling a few orders from the Queen and/or sacrificing some abundant supplies in the all-important fire can drastically change your settlement’s future. 

The Calm Before the Storm
The Calm Before the Storm

Quickly increasing your resolve and securing some blessings from the Queen can pull your settlement out of the fire and back on track. If you are forced into the uncomfortable position of putting different settlers into sub-optimal positions then just make sure to make adjustments when possible. 

And if all else fails, you can always come back stronger and fight harder another day. Check out the rest of our Against the Storm guides if you need any help pushing ahead while rebuilding the Smoldering City!

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