9.6 Reasons We Want Lady Dimitrescu From Resident Evil Village to Step on Us

"She is a beautiful mountain to climb, and her stature lets you know she’s always nearby to keep you safe."

Published: May 5, 2021 12:00 PM /


Resident Evil Village

Ever since we got our first glimpse of the “tall vampire lady” in the upcoming Resident Evil Village, the internet has been downright obsessed with her. The more we learn about her from the various showcases, demos, and tweets, the more entranced we are by her. Even learning how tall she really is at a towering 9 foot 6. Lady Dimitrescu is worthy of all the infatuation and so much more, so here are just some of the reasons why we want her to step on us.

1) Her Sense of Fashion

Our Lady Dimitrescu has a wonderful sense of fashion complete with a long, form-fitting, elegant white dress, a large classy hat, a flower brooch, and a pearl choker necklace. She has all the presentation of a wealthy upper-class woman in the 1700-1800s. Her fashion is modest, yet that neckline shows just enough to keep us wanting more. 

2) Her Overwhelming Confidence 

There is something about a woman with confidence. Who doesn't like a strong, confident woman? She is the lady of the house, she is proper, and she speaks with strength and purpose. The way she talks showcases she knows the power that she has over you and could kill you in an instant. She isn’t crying “woe is me,” she isn’t a helpless southern belle; she knows the power of her standing and won’t let anything—namely you—stop her. 

3) Her Bite and That Manicure Though 

Being a vampire means having a thirst for blood, and we are willing to volunteer as tribute to her seductive bite. Perhaps she might even want to turn us into a vampire and join her? We can only hope. Also, the mark of the very wealthy and pampered manicure shows an air of sophistication and superiority, that you are well taken care of, seductive, and sultry. It just so happens that this particular manicure involves giant bladed fingernails to impale you with. 

4) Her Considerable Wealth and Style

We don’t want to say that we like someone for their wealth, but you cannot deny that it is an attractive feature. You don’t get beautiful clothes like that from being broke, and you certainly can’t afford such a luxurious mansion without an inheritance. Even the way the mansion is decorated shows her impeccable taste for the finer things, and she is certainly not afraid to show her wealth. Lady Dimitrescu really is the whole package: wealth, power, and presence.  So what if she wants to play hide and seek in her labyrinthian home? It’s all just a bit of foreplay, right?

5) The Company She Keeps 

They say you are judged by the company you keep, and while she may not have a typical entourage, the lady of the house DOES have some rather sultry daughters named Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela, who worship her like the veritable goddess she is. Even the company that she keeps is as alluring as she is, but she remains our number one. Seems like we aren’t the only ones drawn to her as she clearly has friends willing to die just to be in her presence. 

6) Her Powerful Presence 

We like to be around people of a certain presence, a certain persuasion. We are drawn to a strong, confident aura. The kind of feeling you get when someone enters a room and you are excited, electrified, and maybe more than a little scared. Every time she enters the room you can feel how close she is to you, that her eyes are locked on you and only you. Doesn’t that make you feel special?

7) Her Height 

I mean at 9-foot-6, she towers over everyone. Who doesn’t like to be near an attractive person that’s taller than them? That feeling of safety and security as they wrap their arms tightly around you… She is always looking over you, watching, keeping an eye on you to make sure nothing could ever happen to you. She is a beautiful mountain to climb, and her stature lets you know she’s always nearby to keep you safe.

8) Her Strength

It’s undeniably attractive when someone can be just as strong as they are confident, right? She already has the confidence down, and not only is she incredibly strong-willed, but she has also proven she has the physical strength to lift a grown man—probably in tactical gear or at least a heavy coat for those long, cold nights—right off the ground with one hand! By the throat no less! Who doesn’t want someone that could keep them safe through sheer strength? Don’t you want to feel that tight grasp around you? 

9) Her Hospitality 

Even if she is incredibly strong, tall, and confident to the point of intimidation, she is still a kind and proper gothic aristocrat. You show up at her beautiful mansion—presumably unannounced—and she is more than happy to take you in, show you around, introduce you to her guests and friends, and genuinely wants to get to know you on an intimate, personal level. 

.6) How Mysterious She Is

Part of what is so attractive in new people you encounter is the air of mystery around them. Who are they? What have they been through? What secrets do they hold? Lady Dimitrescu is sultry, sophisticated, eloquent, and absolutely terrifying. How did she get this way? What kind of life did she lead? How much physical pain am I willing to endure at her well-manicured hands to hang on every word that passes over those red lips?

Lady Dimitrescu has been nothing but an obsession and with the release of Resident Evil Village in just a few days, we will eagerly be awaiting her appearance. Cannot wait to see what else surprises she might have in store. 

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