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Second Dinner
PC, Android, IOS
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October 18, 2022 (Calendar)
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Marvel Snap has you assembling your favorite Marvel superheroes and villains in this strategic card battler that has you visiting more than 50 locations that range from Asgard to Wakanda. Every game lasts around 3 minutes so if you get trounced, you'll be able to dust yourself off and quickly hop into another match. If you feel confident about your odds of winning, you can "SNAP" to raise the stakes. If you're bluffing, you can double the rewards.

Because this is a card battler, there are hundreds of different cards that you can collect, such as classic comic inspired cards or Chibi, 8-bit, and Cartoon variants. There are also new cards, locations, cosmetics, season passes, ranked seasons, challenges, missions, and new events released regularly to help things stay fresh and keep you snapping.

Marvel Snap is available now on Steam, iOS, and Android.