First Mavel Snap Series Drop Will Make Some Cards More Attainable

Second Dinner has announced the first Marvel Snap Series Drop, making some of the rarest cards in the game more available by moving them to a lower series of cards

Published: January 11, 2023 9:40 AM /


Marvel Snap series 5 cards Super Skrull, Shuri, Black Panther, Valkyrie, and Bast becoming Series 4

One of the worst feelings in Marvel Snap, once you get to the third pool of cards, is running into a bunch of cards you don't have and losing to them. Those may be cards that you might not have the best tools to handle, or even any idea that they existed before your opponent dropped them on you. Since the Series 4 and 5 cards were released, this has happened to players repeatedly, leaving many of them wondering when they will become more available. Months have gone by, but now, after adding artist credits to the game, we have this key information.

The first Marvel Snap series drop will come approximately at the end of January, as part of the patch bringing the Battle Friends feature to the game. For this first series drop, 9 cards will drop a series, becoming more available to players. When dropping a series, a card will become 10x more common in collector reserves, and its price will drop precipitously in the Token Shop (6000 -> 3000 -> 1000). The following Marvel Snap Series 5 cards will become Series 4 with this update:

  • Valkyrie
  • Super-Skrull
  • Bast
  • Shuri
  • Black Panther (formerly of the Season Pass fame)

That's only five of the cards, as there are also four Series 4 cards dropping to Series 3, where you can expect to see them even more commonly. They are:

  • She-Hulk
  • Absorbing Man
  • Titania
  • Luke Cage
First Marvel Snap Series Drop Has She Hulk, Absorbing Man, Titania, and Luke Cage moving from Series 4 to 3
Luke Cage's greater availability likely means you can expect to see more Hazmat decks

Further in their post, the developers explain that they will be dropping cards that have been in the series the longest, generally speaking. This means that other cards introduced at the same time as the ones dropping in this update are likely to be among the first to decrease - cards like Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, Helicarrier, M'Baku, Attuna, and Orka in series 4. Series 5 has a couple of exceptions, as they state that Galactus and Thanos will be the only cards staying at Series 5 as they are "just too dang epic" according to Second Dinner to drop down. Otherwise, Series 5 cards will similarly drop in rank, though there is another small wrinkle.

Marvel Snap First Edition Badges Coming

To reward those who have spent the most/played the most acquired cards before they drop from Series 5, that card will show a 'First Edition Badge' when inspected. This is going to retroactively apply to cards earned before the feature comes online, and it will be a bit before the feature is implemented. You will also be able to show the badge on all variants and splits of the card.

Beyond that, the developers explain that the Token Shop needs some work for people who haven't completed Series 3 yet. Right now, it can cost $2700 to acquire all the cards in Marvel Snap and that's a number that will only increase as they continue to add cards to the game. The team started experimenting to "let players who are still progressing through Series 3 feel quicker progress towards the new hotness", which could mean anything. At current rates, odds are that glaciers will melt first before a casual free-to-play player would own a Series 5 card.

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