Marvel Snap Brings Login Bonuses For The Holidays

Marvel Snap's new Winterverse event is live, and you've got fourteen days of goodies to look forward to, including a rather snazzy card variant.

Published: December 20, 2022 11:03 AM /


A banner image showing the logo for the Marvel Snap Winterverse event

Card battler Marvel Snap is holding a winter event, and there are fourteen days of goodies up for grabs, assuming you log in to claim them, of course. These goodies include oodles of in-game currency and a special signed variant of a much-loved card. The event is due to start later today.

The Winterverse event was teased by the official Marvel Snap Twitter account yesterday. Following that, information about the event was added to the official Marvel Snap website, but was apparently taken down shortly after, likely because it was revealed too early. It's expected to go live at around 1pm Eastern.

Thankfully, fansites like Marvel Snap Zone managed to catch the info before it was removed. The calendar includes bonuses for Credits, Gold, and Boosters, as well as a Nick Fury card variant bearing Samuel L. Jackson's signature and a special Black Panther avatar variant to spruce up your profile a little. You can take a look at the full calendar of login rewards over the course of the Marvel Snap Winterverse event right here.

The Marvel Snap Winterverse event calendar, courtesy of Marvel Snap Zone
Calendar courtesy of Marvel Snap Zone.

Here's a rundown of all of the rewards.

  • December 20th: 100 Credits
  • December 21st: 30 Boosters for a random hero
  • December 22nd: 100 Gold
  • December 23rd: 100 Credits
  • December 24th: 150 Credits
  • December 25th: Signed Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury variant
  • December 26th: 200 Gold
  • December 27th: 50 Credits
  • December 28th: 30 Boosters for the Angela card
  • December 29th: 100 Credits
  • December 30th: 30 Boosters for a random hero
  • December 31st: Black Panther avatar variant
  • January 1st: 500 Credits
  • January 2nd: 200 Gold

As well as these rewards, each time you open a Collector's Reserve over the course of the Winterverse event, you've got a chance of unlocking one of the Winterverse Variants, of which there are five. You might find a variant for Abomination, Ebony Maw, Patriot, Rockslide, or Rogue, so be on the lookout. These won't be available to get any other way at this time.

A Winterverse Bundle is also available during the event. It will set you back 6000 Gold, which works out at around $140 in real money, and nets you access to 8000 Credits, 2000 Collector's Tokens, and Sunspot card and avatar variants, as well as 100 Boosters for Sunspot and a new title. 

It's fair to say that fans are a little miffed that the login rewards don't include Collector's Tokens, which are pretty hard to get right now. Marvel Snap is perceived by some to be pretty stingy with the way it dishes out tokens, and players are complaining that they often don't have enough tokens to unlock cards when they're on rotation. The lack of tokens up for grabs in this event isn't likely to mollify those fans.

Marvel Snap is available for PC and mobile devices. It's received regular updates since its launch, including new titles, booster tweaks, and a season pass dedicated to Black Panther. The current season, called Power Cosmic, is all about the Silver Surfer. You can grab the game via Steam on PC or on your preferred mobile store right now. Do note, that you will probably need to log on to the mobile version to unlock these rewards even if you primarily pay on PC due to the events interface not being fully integrated there yet.

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