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Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is an RPG developed and released by Square Enix, releasing for PlayStation 5 during early 2024. It is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place after Cloud and the party's time in Midgard. On the pursuit of Sephiroth, the player will have more freedom as the explore the outside world — including the ability to ride on chocobos. While Rebirth can be played standalone, it is recommended to at least play Remake beforehand.

Gameplay is largely the same as Final Fantasy VII Remake, featuring a real-time combat system and the ability to switch between party members and select skills on the fly. Characters can now work together to perform team attacks, on top of their existing movesets.

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The party will embark on a new adventure, so players can enjoy this story even without any familiarity with the previous title or the original FINAL FANTASY VII. The vast and explorable world along with the newly evolved speedy battles are sure to provide a most exciting gaming experience to new adventurers.