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Halo Co-Creator Marcus Lehto New EA Studio in Seattle cover

Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto has landed on his feet after the closure of Disintegration developer V1 Interactive -- he's going to be heading up a new

Disintegration developer V1 Interactive closing cover

Disintegration developer V1 Interactive is closing its doors for good after only five years — and just two months after it posted an optimistic

Disintegration multiplayer cover

Disintegration multiplayer is going to be gradually shut down in several phases over the next month. The first phase has already gone into effect

Disintegration Key Art

Jump onto a Gravcycle and take on the redeyes in Disintegration, a unique shooter that takes RTS-style squad combat and combines it with white

Disintegration Review

Private Division, Take-Two Interactive's prestige indie gaming label, was founded as a way to promote fresh ideas and original worlds. Disintegration

Romer Shoal atop the Gravcycle

Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto's latest project is revving up for release. Disintegration is a sci-fi first-person shooter set to hit consoles and PC

disintegration logo

When you hear a new sci-fi shooter is coming out and is being made by some of the co-creators of Halo, you definitely take notice. Obviously, those


Private Division and V1 Interactive showcased new footage of Disintegration after teasing it last month in July. The Gamescom Opening Night Live