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Sometimes, it seems that no game can release without any issues these days. The AAA market is perhaps most known for these issues on PC, most recently with Dishonored 2‘s launch having many problems. While PC release problems are nothing new, console releases tend to be smoother typically speaking. However, there seems to be a new exception with Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV, which has released with some major issues on PlayStation 4.

The first and more serious problem has to do with Final Fantasy XV cutting off the HUD and other display elements for many players on PlayStation 4. This appears to be due to how Final Fantasy XV interprets screen data and issues with older TVs. The first part of the problem is that Final Fantasy XV does not use the screen region setting option that the PlayStation 4 has, nor does it have any in-game way to adjust where the screen displays. This lack of an option means that some older 1080p TVs, which tend to have fewer options than newer models, are running into problems.

Many of the issues appear to center around the fact that these earlier models have overscan defaulted on, and either obfuscate the option to turn it off or lack it entirely. This is a relic from the CRT days where such space was used to carry TV metadata, and thus displaying it would look bad and cause issues. In Final Fantasy XV‘s case, however, with the HUD designed to run to the edge of the screen, and no ability to modify where your screen displays, many elements of the HUD are being cut off. This ranges from relatively minor points like some of a health bar, to major things like objectives text or in some reports item names, being cut off. Various communities are discussing the issues right now such as the Final Fantasy XV Reddit, the Final Fantasy XV forums, and GameFAQs among them. Those suffering the worse are calling the game unplayable in its current state.

Making this even more confusing and problematic is that the Final Fantasy XV demo was completely lacking in these issues, as it appeared to use the screen region configuration that the full game eschews. Here are a few images of the problem from the TechRaptor reader and Final Fantasy fan who tipped us off to the issue:



To make matters worse on PlayStation 4, this isn’t the only issue. Digital Foundry is reporting that Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4 has major frame time issues. There appears to be a bit of confusion in some areas, but what it means is that frames are loading at uneven paces on PlayStation 4, given the perception and feel of sluggishness even with a steady 30 frames per second. The frames seem to vary in loading anywhere between 16ms and 50ms meaning they can move on too quick, or overstay their welcome. The exact severity of the issue varies some on mode and model, with the PS4 Pro High-Resolution mode having a lot, the PS4 Pro Lite mode having the least, and the PlayStation 4 base model being all over the place.

We have reached out to Square Enix for comment on this issue and will update as we find out more.

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Don Parsons

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I've been a gamer for years of various types starting with the Sega Genesis and Shining Force when I was young. If I'm not playing video games, I'm often roleplaying, reading, writing, or pondering things brought up by speculative fiction.

  • Zepherdog

    “The exact severity of the issue varies some on mode and model, with the
    PS4 Pro High-Performance mode having a lot, the PS4 Pro Lite mode
    having the least, and the PlayStation 4 base model being all over the

    The irony of the High-Performance model having the most performance issues is too precious to pass.

  • coboney

    Sorry for any confusion – I meant high detail or resolution and for some reason I put performance and we missed it- I guess thinking in performance in performance of screen.

    It’s been clarified a bit in piece now . Apologies

  • RayCharlizard

    I can’t believe this actually made it to a “tech blog”. This problem is due to overscan being used on televisions, anyone having an issue with Final Fantasy XV was probably zooming in their Blu-rays as well without ever knowing. Like Skyrim Special Edition before it, a lot of people with bad or misconfigured televisions are coming out of the woodwork and blaming the game for their issues.

  • Aura Odum

    The problem is that this is easily fixed by providing a Display Area setting or at minimum defaulting to the PS4’s setting, a standard in games that FFXV fails at, despite the Platinum Demo doing it just fine.

    Many TVs, particularly older ones, do not have settings to change their overscan, others limit it to a button on remotes no longer manufactured, and others hide it in secret menus that the casual user would never know about (and are hidden in the first place because the settings can be dangerous to the uninformed).

    Bethesda quickly rectified the issue by releasing a patch. Square should do the same.

    Until 4K or beyond becomes the new standard instead of 1080p, these options should be mandatory.

  • coboney

    Ray Charlizard – part of the issue is that older TV’s don’t have the option to easily turn it off. Many of these people have configured the screen area on their PS4’s per default when I was checking. The game is ignoring people who have done that for some reason.

  • Ziggurcat

    this looks like it’s an aspect ratio setting issue rather than the game, especially if it’s only “some” users. instead of setting the TV to 16:9 (which overscans slightly), try setting it to “just scan” or the equivalent namesake depending on the brand.

  • In fairness, the overscan issue isn’t SE’s fault. Overscan cuts off the edges of the picture. That’s what it does. So… if you don’t want them cut off, you need to turn it off.

  • coboney

    The issue is they, for some unknown reason, aren’t accepting the PS 4’s adjust screen thing people can and do set. They did in the demo, but aren’t here.

  • Ziggurcat

    all TVs have the ability to adjust the aspect ratio…

  • revelated

    The fix: Upgrade the TV. It’s time.

    If you’re sitting on a low end (e.g. Panasonic, VIZIO, etc) 720p or 1080p TV that’s 5 or more years old, it’s time.

  • Lavs

    adjust aspect ratio =/= being able to turn off overscan; overscan has nothing to do with aspect ratio (which is the ratio of pixels width/legnth) rather, overscan is intentionally shrinking the actual viewed area.

  • Feniks

    I agree but shouldn’t the game start with a simple calibration tool?

  • anon1

    not every tv has this option, especially if older.

  • revelated

    There’s nothing wrong with the game. That’s the problem.

    Newer TVs are smarter than older. In the past, you had to allow the input device to control resolution. That hasn’t been the case in a LONG time. This was a big issue with projectors too.

    Now, your TV needs to “figure it out”. If it’s too old and doesn’t have that option, you need to upgrade it.

  • revelated

    Ray, save your breath. People expect developers to keep supporting old TV technologies in perpetuity rather than doing what everyone else does – which is keep your TV up to date. Replace it every 4 years. 1080p in 2008 is NOT the same as 1080p in 2012+. The technology has evolved. You need to evolve with it.

    I don’t want to hear “it’s expensive”. $500 is NOT expensive. Saving that amount of money in 4 years…if you can’t do that, you have no sense of budgeting or priorities.

    People waste more than that on cigarettes, liquor, etc. in a single year. Stop spending on garbage.

    And referencing Bethesda – the grand daddy of buggy games – is a joke.

  • revelated

    Which allows you to see the game, though crappy looking.

    1: Shrink the res so you can at least play it.
    2: Buy a new TV and experience it like you should.

    Easy work.

  • Reptile

    Yeah, those people should toss out their TVs and buy a new one just because someone at SE forgot to put two lines of code which gets the system’s current screen settings, seems totally reasonable and a smart move, why wait for the inevitable free patch when you can burst more than $200 on a new TV? /s

    Imagine if web developers thought the same “Well, our website doesn’t fit your hdpi device screen? Fuck you, buy a new bigger xxhdpi one”. Can’t you see how retarded that sounds?

  • Reptile

    If there is nothing wrong with the game then how those people never experienced or noted missing bits on other games like the last Dark Souls or even SE’s titles like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hitman, Deus Ex Mankind Divided?

  • Reptile

    “I don’t want to hear “it’s expensive”. $500 is NOT expensive. Saving that amount of money in 4 years…if you can’t do that, you have no sense of budgeting or priorities.”.

    Holy fuck density, are you naive or absolutely stupid? Maybe to your golden cradle $500 is nothing but to the majority of us outside your social bubble who have to work to live $500 is a lot. The average person will not spend 4 years planning on the next TV after buying their new one, they are more worried about if they will still have their job by the next year so that they can feed their family or themselves alone.

    And if you think that people like me, who live in a third world country and have to work to pay our bills shouldn’t have fun playing games, then take your extra $500 and hit yourself in the face untill you wake up and realise people lives aren’t as easy peasy as yours

    And lastly who the fuck are you to dictate what people should be spending money or not? If they want to spend money on “cigarettes, liquor, etc” that is their own damn business and choice.

  • MusouTensei

    All screenshots appear to me as a blurry mess.

  • RayCharlizard

    It’s a matter of priorities, of course. But why would you buy a $400 game console to hook up to a cheap display device? You don’t need a PS4 to play video games. If I was worried about keeping my job and putting food on the table I’d probably find cheaper entertainment alternatives. Spend what you want on what you want, but don’t gripe at Square-Enix because they didn’t think to add safe display methods for bargain bin televisions.

  • Jessika S.

    I’m not having this problem maybe you need to change the settings on your TV from 16:9 to Screen Fit which is what my Samsung TV calls it but it’s different from every brand like show all or fit all.

  • coboney

    These aren’t screenshots – instead taken with a separate device by the person I talked with on it (then looked elsewhere as in those communities for other info). Screenshots of it do show the full screen as it is being fully rendered… just parts of it aren’t displayed on screen to the person watching.

  • MusouTensei

    Okay but the pictures still don’t show up correctly for me, this si what I see

  • Reptile

    I’m not taking a gripe at Square-Enix for it because I know they will patch it. It is just idiot to think you should trash your TV because one single game is (currently) having issues with it, and the cause is because someone at SE commented the code which get the settings from the system for the gold build.

    Smart people will choose the cheapest way out, they will wait for an eventual patch, in the end they don’t fart money.

    Also if you buy a $400 that doesn’t mean you still have $500 more to spend on a TV. Or are you saying that poor people can’t plan, like mister “$500-is-nothing” over there said, to buy a $400 console? Saying that people should spend $500 more to enjoy their $400 console isn’t a sensible answer. Get a $900 PC then and be 10 years ahead of a PS4. Do you have an older RGB monitor? No problem, VGAs always come with a DVI-RGB adapter.

  • Aura Odum

    Want to properly see FFXV? Buy a brand new TV.

    Reminds me of Want to play Xbox offline? Buy a Xbox 360.

  • Aura Odum

    Wow that’s… weird.


    Such garbage…….th again today’s day and age I wouldn’t expect less.

    “Stop any and all preorders forever.!.!.!”

  • Nmaillet777

    I was surprised this game didnt have that since it seems to be the norm for most these days

  • coboney

    Hey MusousTensei – talked with others on site to see. Question – do you have anything like uBlock on?

  • revelated

    You sound like a hypocrite.

    You’re playing a $60 – $200 game. On a $300 – $400 console. On a TV that once cost you over $1,000.

    And you’re saying you don’t have money?


  • Reptile

    How am I an hypocrite? I never said I owned a PS4, FFXV or even a TV.

    I game on my computer, which I proudly bought with the sweat of my work. And you think it is “last gen” rig? You wrong kid.

    So no, I don’t have money to spend mindless, and neither I would be idiot enough to buy a new TV just because FFXV doesn’t fit it perfectly.

  • Reptile

    -Lyf Hax-
    “Do your FFXV do not fit the screen? Just throw it the window and buy a new one! Awww Yeah!”
    -Lyf Hax-
    “Do your new TV doesn’t fit your house? Well you can burn it down and buy a new one with insurance money! AWWW YEAH!!”
    -Lyf Hax-
    “Are you in trouble for insurance fraud? You can become a politician! Awww Yeah!!”

  • anon1

    yeah that is just you, it comes up fine for me and i typically have ublock on

  • MusouTensei

    No, I have no blockers activated for this site, also this is the only article that has this problem.

  • Aura Odum

    I’m playing a $60 game on a year old Christmas gift on a TV that cost me $200. It also happens to be basically the only game I’ve been able to pay full price for due to my excitement for it, and I can’t even play the damn thing.

    But yeah okay, keep sucking on that silver spoon of yours.

  • Aura Odum

    What happens if you Right Click > View Image?
    Does it show up clear?
    If not, what URL does it give you?

    Have you tried clearing your cache?

  • revelated

    And by selling said $200 TV at a yard sale along with some other stuff, you could easily scrounge $500-$600 to upgrade the clunker to take advantage of the proper way to play the game. But that’s on you.

  • geekscanbecool

    Just because you aren’t, it doesn’t mean everyone is wrong. I have an older flat screen that has no way of turning overscan off.

  • Karna Gandhi

    For the UI being cut off Ummm you guys realize you can change the setting in the PS4 settings menu right?