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Sunset in Campo Santo's Firewatch

How Firewatch Helped Me Reconnect With the Outdoors

Firewatch came out over five years ago and I’m still thinking about it. My initial playthrough was one spring on PlayStation 4, and then I revisited this game a couple summers ago on Nintendo Switch…

May 6, 2021 | 11:00 EDT

firewatch nintendo switch

Firewatch Nintendo Switch Version Arrives This December

A Firewatch Nintendo Switch version is on the way and will be available for purchase very soon according to a tweet from the game's developer Campo Santo. Firewatch is a game that has a strong…

December 3, 2018 | 09:53 EST


Firewatch Has Sold over One Million Copies

Developer Campo Santo has announced via their Twitter that their visually striking walking simulator Firewatch has managed to sell over a million copies since it made its debut in February of last…

January 4, 2017 | 11:02 EST


Firewatch Getting Free Roam Mode; PS4 Pro Patch Details

Firewatch developer Campo Santo have released new details on how their walking and talking game set in a beautifully stylized version of Wyoming will take advantage of the upgraded hardware in the…

November 10, 2016 | 12:11 EST

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Spend a summer of the past in the Wyoming wilderness, seemingly alone except for a solitary voice on a radio.

October 15, 2016 | 11:07 EDT

Firewatch lakescreenshot

Firewatch to Launch on Xbox One This Month

Have you ever wanted to explore the woods, create a deep connection with a stranger you’ve never meet face to face, and solve a mystery all at the same time? Are you an Xbox One owner who never…

September 4, 2016 | 06:54 EDT

firewatch review

Firewatch Has Sold Half A Million Units In Its First Month

Controversial as that ending might be, it is hard to deny that Firewatch stuck with many people due to its mysterious setting and the gorgeous visual style. Now some data regarding the game's…

March 21, 2016 | 01:20 EDT


Firewatch Review – Real Talk

Many players will be immediately uninterested in Firewatch upon learning that the game is dreadfully close to the "walking simulator" genre. However, for narrative junkies like myself, there will…

February 8, 2016 | 02:00 EST


Sony E3 2015 - Firewatch

Firewatch is the next game to be announced, a game where you play as a man who is in the Wyoming wilderness being led around by a woman on a radio. The game revolves around you following the…

June 15, 2015 | 10:49 EDT