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Mark Jansen

Staff Writer

When I'm not writing on TechRaptor, you can normally find me on YouTube pulling stupid faces under a silly pseudonym.

Articles by Mark Jansen

candleman review header
Candleman: The Complete Journey Review - A Light In The Darkness

You should always dream big. That's especially true if you're a little candle dreaming to become a great lighthouse and illuminate the darkness. I know, we've all been there.

Life is Feudal MMO
Choose Your Role in Medieval Times in Life Is Feudal: MMO Open Beta This November

Ever wanted to run around in a medieval landscape with your mates, chopping up fools, starting villages, and generally behaving like a Bad Lads Medieval Holiday?

the witcher anniversary
The Witcher Reminisces Over 10 Years Of Video Games

Good lord, is that the time already?

Embermane - Dauntless
Dauntless Closed Beta Begins Today, September 1st

An official announcement trailer has confirmed that the closed beta for Dauntless - the online co-op monster slayer simulator for the PC - will begin today, September 1st at Noon pacific o

Mei Rise and Shine SO SAD
The Newest Overwatch Short, "Rise and Shine", Will Make You Cry

A new Overwatch short is always something to look forward to.