The Evil Within 2's Story Goes Further Into Horrific Dream Worlds

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The Evil Within 2

If you're looking forward to the October release of The Evil Within 2, you might want to get yourself over to Bethesda's site, because they just dropped a whole bunch of plot information.


Players of The Evil Within 2 will return to control of Sebastian Castellanos. But the time between the games has changed Sebastian. Gone is the shell of a man introduced in the first game - Sebastian in The Evil Within 2 will be much more dynamic and driven. After learning his missing daughter is involved with the shadowy organization Mobius from the first game, Sebastian agrees to venture into STEM to save her.

But the Sebastian you play in the second game is much different from the one you play in the first. Sebastian is lost, confused and just trying to survive in The Evil Within. With The Evil Within 2, the world is still a mysterious place and he’s still fighting to stay alive, but now he has a purpose. Rather than getting pulled into STEM involuntarily, he’s making the active choice to go back. Sebastian is a man on a mission to save his daughter and he refuses to let anything stand in his way.
The original game had you playing a Sebastian who had lost his family, and whose career is on the rocks. This Sebastian looks to be a more intense character. He's a man who's seen light at the end of his tunnel, and he's determined to reach it.

The Evil Within 2 Morgue

As mentioned, STEM, the creepy network of minds from The Evil Within, will also be returning in this game - as will Mobius, the shadowy organization behind STEM. It's highly likely that The Evil Within 2 will go into a lot more detail about these two key elements to the series' mythos.


Currently under the control of the shadowy organization named Mobius, STEM is a device that allows for a shared consciousness experience. It connects human minds in an alternate world, with one mind being used as a central “Core,” building the world and controlling everything in it. Or, as writer Trent Haaga puts it, “STEM is like if Freddy Krueger made the Matrix.”
Whereas the STEM world from the first game was based on an existing area that Sebastian was aware of, The Evil Within 2's world of Union will be completely unknown - constructed from the mind of his daughter Lily, and modeled on an idyllic small-town USA theme.
But the road to hell is paved with Mobius’ intentions, and something horrible is happening in Union, causing it to tear itself apart. STEM worlds require a Core to exist, and with Lily missing inside of the STEM world, it’s beginning to deteriorate. As her mind falls apart, so does Union. Goodbye Pleasantville, hello Amityville.
Sebastian will also come across other Mobius agents as he progresses through his daughter's broken psyche, these agents having been previously dispatched to retrieve Lily. Bethesda has promised that each of these agents has their own reasons for being involved in the STEM research, so expect to come across friends and foes within Union.

The Evil Within - Juli Kidman
Mobius double agent Juli Kidman will also return in a support role.

What evils does the mind of a child hold? It's highly likely we'll have a better idea come Friday, October 13th on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Do these little tidbits get you excited for the sequel? Was the idea of a sequel completely out of left-field for you, or were you expecting it since the first one? Let us know down below.

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