Dauntless Closed Beta Begins Today, September 1st

09/01/2017 - 10:00 | By: Mark Jansen
Phoenix Labs
Phoenix Labs
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An official announcement trailer has confirmed that the closed beta for Dauntless - the online co-op monster slayer simulator for the PC - will begin today, September 1st at Noon pacific or 3 PM eastern.


Dauntless takes place in a shattered land, where a cataclysmic event has broken the world, leaving mysteriously floating islands stalked by powerful Behemoths. Left to their own devices, these Behemoths steadily grow in power, and threaten the continued existence of humanity. As a Slayer, it's your task to team up with other like-minded individuals and hunt down these Behemoths, taking them out with groups of up to four players. Players will then be able to use the slain Behemoth's own power to craft new weapons and armor with an in-depth crafting system and travel to take the fight to bigger and more ferocious Behemoths.

Dauntless Founders Alpha02
Battle a wide range of terrifying Behemoths

Dauntless is a living game that we’ll be continuing to evolve, grow and expand through Closed Beta, Open Beta and beyond. Today’s Closed Beta launch marks the beginning of an amazing journey we’ll be taking with the Dauntless community for years to come.”

- Jesse Houston, Co-Founder and Executive Producer, Phoenix Labs.

Players can get access to the closed beta by purchasing one of the Founder Packs, which pay for the continued development of the game and offer a cornucopia of in-game benefits, including increased Behemoth drops, exclusive items, and more. Dauntless will also be available to play from the 1st until the 4th of September at PAX West in booth #2335. Victorious Slayers who take part in that challenge will also earn access to the closed beta, as well as exclusive gear to show off.

Dauntless world
Explore a strange and enchanting world

Dauntless is a free-to-play game for the PC that is expected to be released in late 2017.

Have you purchased one of the Founders Packs? Or are you waiting to try the game when it comes out? Either way, let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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