Age of Thrones Review


Age of Thrones Review

August 19, 2018

By: JR Moore


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In the land of tower defense games it takes a lot to stand out. I mean, there are over 500 different tower defense games on Google Play currently. When I heard that Age of Thrones was coming out and that it was tower defense, I was excited. I like tower defense games, they are easy to start but tough to master. This is how I got my fiancee into gaming, and now she has taken over my Galaxy Note, and now I have to ask to use it. I was hoping to show her a good tower defense app and why it's worth paying for it. Lets see if Age of Thrones is the one.


Nexrage's Age of Thrones is a medieval-fantasy tower defense game where you will fight against waves of orcs, dragons, trolls, undead and more dark creatures to defeat the Dark Lord of Thrones and save the kingdom of Armos. It's an open game that allows you to make the path they go on to defeat the enemy.



I am a big fan of the open space tower defense games, because you make the path that most of the creatures get to take. This way you get to decide on how many or few towers you want to use. On all the maps there is at least some space that is open. Tower wise, they do unlock upgrades as you progress. Some of these upgrades seem to just speed up the towers, and some of them actually take away from their power. If you are new, the tutorial is very well done, it will definitely help out.


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Nexrage describes their graphics as "Vibrant and bright toon-art style". I, beg to differ that point. The vibrant and bright part I do not see at all, as the main colors are are dark browns and greens. And as for the toon-art style was off the mark as well. It was more of a hand drawn look, and definitely not something I would want to pay $2 for.


Final Thoughts

If you don't play a lot of games, Age of Thrones is a good game for you to start with. It's right in the middle of how tower defense should be played. The gameplay is smooth and easy to pick up. The upgrades help you customize how you play. Other than that it's just your basic tower defense game. The graphics aren't the best. The options are there, but they just seem to speed up the original weapon nothing too crazy. The problem is that there are a lot of free tower defense games out there that do just as much, that look better. It's average if you've played any other tower defense game, and this one cost you.


Review Score: 60%