AG French Direct

AG French Direct

The Cleaner announced  Dystopia Corp cover

Dystopia Corp has released a new trailer for The Cleaner, an upcoming first-person shooter that looks like a blend of John Wick, Hotline Miami, and Superhot. The Cleaner has you taking on the role

As Far As The Eye

Developed by Unexpected and published by Goblinz Studio, As Far As The Eye is a roguelike turn-based resource-management title that is composed of procedurally generated choices, events, situations,

Neurodeck: Psychological Deckbuilder releases at the end of 2020 featured image

During the ActuGaming French Direct, Goblinz Studio announced Neurodeck: Psychological Deckbuilder, a rogue-lite deckbuilding card game thematically centered around psychological conditions and fears


Published and developed by RyseUp Studios, Roboquest is a FPS Roguelike with an art style that bears a striking similarity to the Borderlands series and is available on Steam's Early Access

Cellyon - Boss Confrontation

Developer and publisher Sentry Games has unveiled gameplay for their upcoming title Cellyon: Boss Confrontation, which aims to combine both the MMORPG and MOBA genres into one game. */ /*-->*/

The main logo for Sbirz

During today's AG French Direct presentation, developer Splashteam revealed more information about its upcoming Pikmin-style roguelite Sbirz. The game is currently in development for PC. What is 

A shot of space repair sim Tin Can

During today's AG French Direct showcase, we got to see some gameplay for upcoming space repair sim Tin Can. It looks suitably frenetic, so fans of games like Spaceteam should get their fill of

A shot of Darksburg in action

During today's AG French Direct livestream, it was announced that co-op roguelite Darksburg will be leaving Steam Early Access on September 23rd. We got a glimpse of some of the game's high-octane

Snowtopia Ski Resort Tycoon releases this Fall featured image

During the ActuGaming French Direct, Goblinz Studio announced Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon developed by TeaForTwo, slated for release during Fall in 2020. In Snowtopia: Ski Resort Tycoon you will be