Sbirz Brings Pikmin And Roguelite Mechanics Together

Published: August 26, 2020 12:56 PM /


The main logo for Sbirz

During today's AG French Direct presentation, developer Splashteam revealed more information about its upcoming Pikmin-style roguelite Sbirz. The game is currently in development for PC.

What is Sbirz?

Right now, Sbirz is pretty early on in its development cycle, but Splashteam describes it as a "Pikmin-roguelite". You play as Angus, who is accompanied through several rooms of a house by his tiny companions, the titular Sbirz. Just like in Pikmin, Angus can use the Sbirz to manipulate objects around him, as well as directing them to attack enemies or break cages to free more Sbirz. You can check out a gameplay video posted on the official Splashteam Twitter account earlier this year right here:

Sbirz are divided into different groups, each of which can perform different tasks. These could include building bridges and ladders, Lemmings-style, or pushing heavy objects out of the way. Angus also has access to a jetpack, which can help him to get around the house and make jumps a little less unforgiving. Splashteam says Sbirz will also be full of quirky, fun characters to meet and interact with. It's not quite clear exactly how the roguelite aspects of Sbirz work yet, but the game is still early on in development, so we'll doubtless learn more about Splashteam's new project as time goes on.

We don't yet know when we can expect Sbirz to land, nor on which platforms it will appear. At the very least, we can expect a PC release, but we think this one's perfect for console play, too. As ever, we'll bring you more as we get it.

Does Sbirz look like your kind of Pikmin-roguelite? Let us know in the comments below!  

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