Marvel Crisis Protocol Blade and Moon Knight Preview

Published: November 14, 2021 12:00 PM /


Marvel Crisis Protocol Blade and Moon Knight

The Midnight Sons have arrived for Marvel Crisis Protocol. Led by the infamous Blade, and supported by Moon Knight, they're a group of mystics and supernatural-powered warriors. As with our other MCP coverage, in this article we'll look at the contents of the pack, and what those characters bring to the game.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Blade and Moon Knight.

Blade and Moon Knight

Blade and Moon Knight are members of the Midnight Sons team, with Blade as their leader. Their miniatures feature action poses, with Blade leaping into action in a sculpt straight out of the 1998 Blade #2 cover. Moon Knight stands brooding, waiting for a target.

The Blade and Moon Knight pack comes with a miniature for both, their stat cards, the Midnight Sons Affiliation card, and three Team Tactics cards.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Blade and Moon Knight.

Blade's attacks are geared around getting bleed onto his targets. His Night of the Dhampir power attack lets him reroll any number of attack dice if the target has bleed. At the end of his activation, he also gains power and heals for each nearby character with bleed, including friendly characters. He can shake off conditions for one power and reroll any number of physical or mystic defense dice for two power. His mystic attacks are great for damaging enemies, and his Midnight Sons affiliation ability gives his teammates a little maneuverability boost so they can bash their enemies quicker.

Moon Knight has some nice damage dealers for his cost, stealth to keep him safe from ranged attacks, and a boost superpower to mystic defense. A great thematic mechanic is Moon Knight's multiple personalities ability, where you roll a dice at the start of his activation for a random benefit.

Blade and Moon Knight come with three Midnight Sons affiliated Tactics Cards. Banishment can give nearby enemies the stunned condition on a roll combination for two power. Bats The Ghost Hound can be used for two power when modifying attack or defense dice to change a dice face to one of your choosing and Siege of Darkness lets all characters spend two power, which lets them perform a zero power attack immediately, which is great for really putting the hurt in before.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Blade and Moon Knight.

Both Blade and Moon Knight are great damage dealers, with Moon Knight opting for stealth defense and Blade's healing useful for keeping them around. All in all, the Midnight Sons are an exciting group, and they have an interesting playstyle with a few options for mobility.

The Marvel Crisis Protocol Blade and Moon Knight set used to create this preview was provided by Asmodee UK.