Marvel Crisis Protocol Dormammu Preview

Published: October 22, 2021 12:00 PM /


Marvel Crisis Protocol Dormammu

Dormammu has arrived for Marvel Crisis Protocol, the superhero skirmish wargame, and they arrive in a huge set. In this article, we'll take a look at the box contents, the Threat Eight MCP character, and the Ultimate Encounter that comes in the box.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Dormammu.
The Marvel Crisis Protocol Dormammu pack has a huge amount of content.

Dormammu's MCP box is huge and contains a load of content. Its full list of components are:


  • Dormammu miniature with its unique base (Dormammu stands nearly three times as tall as most MCP miniatures)
  • Three pieces of Dark intruder Ultimate Encounter Scenery (Nexus and two Dimensional Rifts)
  • Dormammu's Theart 8 MCP Stat Card (for player use in games)
  • Three Team Tactics cards
  • Ultimate Encounter rules booklet
  • Three encounter tip cards
  • Eight mystic surge cards
  • Two double-sided Dormammu encounter stat cards
  • Dark Dimension Portal, shard, and spell component tokens
Marvel Crisis Protocol Dormammu.
Dormammu and scenery size comparison with Moon Knight.


Dormammu as an MCP character is a huge "eight threat," the most in the game so far, with the likes of Thanos, Magneto, She-Hulk, and Hulk the closest at "six threat."

If you include Dormammu in a squad, everyone in that squad is automatically affiliated with the Dark Dimension. They then all gain an additional power each turn for free, but if they have six power during the power phase, they take a damage. Dormammu's base stats are what you would expect for eight threat, and taking them out is going to be a challenge.

Dormammu's abilities require a fair amount of power to use, and their best power builder is the Shadow Bolt attack that saps power from its target for each wild rolled. They also have a five power, eight mystic attack that can chain as long as there are targets within range, and if a four symbol combination is rolled in the attack.

Dormammu only gains one power when they suffer damage, but they do gain power when their allies are damaged, or if their leadership ability causes them damage. They also have a two-range teleport and an ability that can push away an attacker and give them the hex condition.

Their Dark Empowerment tactic card can be used to switch the power gain for a nearby character from attacks at the cost of a damage, and Dark Restoration can bring back a Threat 3 or lower character back to life for six power.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Dormammu.
The Marvel Crisis Protocol Dormammu Ultimate Encounter scenery.

Dark Intruder Ultimate Encounter

Ultimate Encounters are a different way to play Marvel Crisis Protocol. There are a couple available for free on the Atomic Mass website, and the first, Infinity Gauntlet was included in the Thanos pack. Dormammu's pack comes with the Dark Intruders Ultimate Encounter, where two players team up to take on another player controlling Dormammu and their allies.


The Dark Intruders Ultimate Encounter comes with three huge pieces of scenery. The Nexus, which has a space for Dormammu's miniature to go, but it also comes with a spare base that can be placed there if Dormammu is off moving around and two Dimensional Rifts.

During the Ultimate Encounter, Dormammu mind controls two characters with a cost depending on the difficulty of the scenario selected, and the other two players put together teams to take on the task of stopping Dormammu. The players must gather spell tokens from the Dimensional Rifts, and place them on the four portals to close them to win, and the Dormammu player wins by scoring VPs, and gathering shards to upgrade Dormammu presence, of which there are four levels.


The players can slow down Dormammu by stopping the mind-controlled characters from gathering shards, and by taking out Dormammu themself, who comes back, but at a lower presence level.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Dormammu.

The Dormammu Ultimate Encounter is a fantastic addition to the set, but it's the stellar miniature and scenery for Dormammu that really stand out. It will be interesting to see where the eight threat fits into the meta, and if we see a Dormammu swarm build doing well, but the set is a welcome addition to an already fantastic system.

The Dormammu Marvel Crisis Protocol Pack used to produce this preview was provided by Asmodee UK.

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