Starfinder Solidarity Humble Bundle Announced

Paizo Inc. have partnered with Humble Bundle for the Starfinder Solidarity bundle, a collection of Starfinder material with the proceeds benefitting The Trevor Project.

Published: May 11, 2023 4:34 PM /


The artwork and logo for the Starfinder Solidarity bundle, featuring aliens, starships, and warriors with spears

Paizo Inc. have partnered once again with Humble Bundle for a good cause. The platform has worked with several TTRPG publishers in the past for humanitarian reasons. Last Halloween, there was a World of Darkness bundle that benefited the World Central Kitchen. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Asmodee had a digital board game bundle to help people stay connected. Now, Paizo is providing players with new material for their sci-fi TTRPG with the Starfinder Solidarity bundle, all while providing aid to The Trevor Project.

The Starfinder Solidarity bundle announcement

According to its official store page, the Starfinder Solidarity bundle is packed with PDFs and physical goods for Paizo's Starfinder TTRPG. As the name implies, the game is set in the far future of the world of Pathfinder, where swords and magic are now complemented by starships, advanced technology, and alien life.

Regardless of what tier you choose, the Starfinder Solidarity bundle provides a lot for both new and experienced players. These include PDFs of the core rulebook, character portfolios, various gazettes describing various parts of the setting like the Pact Worlds and the Veskarium, as well as various prewritten adventures and map tile packs. If you or your friends were ever interested in trying out Paizo's take on a wonderfully weird space opera, this bundle will provide you with plenty to get started. Those tiers are as follows:

  • $5 Tier: PDFs of the Starfinder Core Rulebook, Alien Archive, GM Screen, Player Character Folio, Beginner Box, and Part 1 of the Fly Free Or Die Adventure Path
  • $15 Tier: Everything from the $5 tier as well as PDFs of the Asteroid, Ghost Ship, and Jungle World Flip-Mats, the Starfinder Society Scenario: Pact World Warriors, Core Rulebook and Alien Archive Pawn Collection, Parts 2 and 3 of the Fly Free Or Die Adventure Path, the Starfinder Adventure Redshift Rally, and Alien Archive 2.
  • $25 Tier: Everything from the $15 tier as well as PDFs of the Basic Starfield and Spaceport Flip-Mats, the Starfinder One-Shot Adventure: System Takedown, the Starfinder Society Scenario: Corporate Interest, Parts 4, 5, and 6 of the Fly Free or Die Adventure Path, the Starfinder Near Space gazette, the Starfinder Starship Operations Manual, and Alien Archive 3.
  • $45 Tier: Everything from the $25 tier, a physical copy of Alien Archive 2, and a physical copy of the Starfinder Critical Hit Deck.

Part of the proceeds from the Starfinder Solidarity bundle will go towards The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is one of the largest suicide prevention and crisis prevention organizations for young LGBTQ+ people in the world. The bundle concludes on May 31.

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