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Paizo Publishing has gained a certain reputation around the tabletop gaming community. The publisher's flagship TTRPG, Pathfinder, was made in direct response to the backlash of Fourth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Now, the company is a direct competitor to Wizards of the Coast with its own long-term support for the game, virtual tabletop support plans, as well as a sci-fi TTRPG, Starfinder. It is also the very first major TTRPG publisher in the business to recognize a game developer worker's union. Now, a Paizo Humble Bundle has been announced, providing hundreds of dollars of material for the TTRPG.

As the official Paizo Humble Bundle page states, the bundle includes character class options as well as enhancements to weapons and armor. The bundle includes the essentials like the Core Rulebook, and campaign settings like The Inner Sea World Guide. But it is packed with supplements like The Armor Master's Handbook, Weapon Master's Handbook, Dirty Tricks Toolbox, Monster Summoner's Handbook, the Blood of the Night supplement if you want to make vampire PCs, Blood of the Moon if you want to make werewolves, as well as multiple Advanced Class and dungeoneering books.


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Every single book in this Paizo Humble Bundle is for Pathfinder First Edition. Notably, all of the combined supplements and books add up to roughly $440, and you can you an get all of it for as little as $35. It even includes a physical copy of The Inner Sea World Guide, however shipping costs are not included. In addition, the bundle includes a digital Starter Box if you and your gaming group want a place to start with Pathfinder. Proceeds from the bundle will be going to the National Coalition Against Censorship, whose mission statement is as follows.

The National Coalition Against Censorship promotes freedom of thought, inquiry and expression and opposes censorship in all its forms. For over 40 years, as an alliance of 56 national non-profits, we have engaged in direct advocacy and education to support First Amendment principles. NCAC is national in scope, but often local in our approach. Two of our largest projects focus on keeping books in schools and libraries and advocating for the arts. We work with community members to resolve censorship controversies without the need for litigation. In addition, we work on a national level to protect the constitutional right to free speech, political protest and privacy.

The Paizo Humble Bundle sale will conclude on April 2nd. You can pick it up now on Humble Bundle and supporting TechRaptor as well.

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