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Published: February 4, 2021 3:34 PM /


Humble Asmodee Digital Tabletop 2gether Bundle - Key Art

Being locked inside our homes is starting to get old, so Humble has come to our rescue. The new Humble Asmodee Digital Tabletop 2gether Bundle gives you access to a whole bunch of great Asmodee tabletop games that you can play online with your friends. For the low price of $10, you can get access to 18 great tabletop titles on Steam. 

Humble Digital Boardgame Bundle - $1 Tier

In the $1 tier, you gain access to 3 excellent games and some expansions, including Pandemic: The Board Game and its expansion On The Brink: Virulent Strain. So if you want to replicate certain virological scenarios that may have been going on recently then you'll have that option. You'll also receive Smallworld, and the expansion Grand Dames, which puts you in charge of fantasy races to take over a small world and earn as many victory coins as possible. 

Finally, you'll also get Love Letter, a card game in which you must try your best to woo an eligible lady with your best love letter. If you're into Pride & Prejudice-era period drama, then this is probably one for you. 

Humble Digital Boardgame Bundle - Above the Average Tier

The beat the average tier, currently at $8.10, nets you 2 new base games, and a whole slew of expansion packs. First up, there's the seminal board game Ticket to Ride, possibly one of the most well-known games in tabletop history. Be the quickest to link up your travel empire before anyone else can. You'll also get the France and Legendary Asia expansions for the game to give your playthroughs some more exotic flavor. 

Humble Asmodee Digital Tabletop 2gether Bundle
These are just some of the games you can get in this great bundle. 

The other new game in this tier is Splendor, a game where you take raw gems and turn them into beautifully cut jewels for the rich and powerful. You'll also get The Cities and The Strongholds expansions, to add some fresh locations to the game. The final additions in this tier are the Be Not Afraid expansion for Small Worlds and the On The Bring: Roles & Events to expand your collection, and a 30% coupon for Game of Thrones: The Board Game

Humble Digital Boardgame Bundle Bundle - $10 Tier

The final tier in the Humble Asmodee Digital Tabletop 2gether Bundle is the $10 tier that adds 3 new games and 2 final expansion packs. Terraforming Mars puts you in charge of competing for supremacy on the surface of Mars against various other megacorporations. Blood Rage: Digital Edition brings the Viking strategy game to PC, tasking you with leading your clan to glory on the battlefield. The last new game is The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Definitive Edition, which sends you on adventures with your famous LOTR characters. 

Your last two treats are the Cursed expansion for Small World and Europe for Tickets to Ride, which add new race banners and powers, and the continent of Europe respectively. 

If you want to get your hands on these amazing titles you should act now. You can get the bundle from at little as $1 over at Humble's website

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