Path To Carcosa Investigators Return to Arkham Horror

Published: May 27, 2022 3:01 PM /


Box art for the Arkham Horror Path to Carcosa Expansions

Last June, Fantasy Flight Games released Arkham Horror: The Card Game Revised Core. This is a reprint of the original core game with alternate artwork as well as several quality-of-life improvements. It is meant to bring in new players without overwhelming them with various editions and expansions. Now to capitalize on this new lowered barrier to entry, Fantasy Flight Games have announced that an older expansion will be returning for this Revised version of the game: Path to Carcosa.

The announcement was made today on Fantasy Flight Games' official website. For those not aware, Path to Carcosa introduced the lesser known Lovecraft story The King in Yellow to the living card game. It was originally published in 2017, the game's second deluxe expansion at the time, and contained new investigators as well as two new narrative scenarios for them to puzzle out regarding the mysterious disappearances and deaths surrounding the titular play.


A handful of Investigator Cards of Arkham Horror Path to Carcosa
Image Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

Much like the Revised Core set of Arkham Horror, this reprint of Path to Carcosa is no different from the 2017 printing. Aside from some new artwork and revised word usage, the cards found in this pack are identical to one another. Furthermore, this 2022 release is the Path to Carcosa Investigator Expansion, which focuses entirely on new playable investigators. If you want to actually investigate the King in Yellow play, you will have to wait for the Path to Carcosa Campaign Expansion to release. This coincides with Fantasy Flight Games beginning to sell new expansions for Arkham Horror in this way with the release of their Edge of the Earth expansions.

Nevertheless, giving players more options to pick up older material for a living card game like Arkham Horror is convenient for new and returning players. The Path to Carcosa Investigator Expansion is available now at an MSRP of $44.99. The Campaign Expansion is available for pre-order at an MSRP of $69.99 and is slated for release July 31st.



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