Arkham Horror The Card Game Revised Core Announced

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new Revised Core edition for Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Published: June 24, 2021 4:01 PM /


Box art for Arkham Horror Revised Core

Like a mysterious and unknown intelligence from beyond mortal ken, Fantasy Flight Games emerged to reveal a new form for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

In the official press release, they laid out just what exactly this Revised Core set will include. For those already familiar with the game, there isn't exactly a whole lot that is new. This is still the base version of Arkham Horror: The Card Game with the same original scenarios and investigators. Aside from some new card artwork, the inclusion of several cards from earlier expansions to allow for more customization, and some welcome tweaks to the organization, this is the same game Arkham Horror veterans have been playing. Aside from basic quality-of-life improvements, there is are no fundamental changes or revisions to the core rules.

So who exactly is Arkham Horror Revised Core meant for? According to Fantasy Flight, it's for new players. A direct quote states, " this is the perfect opportunity to introduce a friend or family member to the game. The Revised Core Set comes with everything a newcomer needs to get their Arkham Horror LCG collection started, including a full playset of cards and components to support up to four players for the initial campaign."

the artwork for investigators in Arkham Horror Revised Core
The new artwork looks quite dynamic.

Unless you're a major collector and just want alternate artwork on older cards, there's little reason to pick up Arkham Horror Revised Core if you've already invested in the game. However, it sounds like a great stepping-on point for those who are curious about the game but may be turned off by all of the different versions and expansions currently on the market. It might be worth it as a gift for a friend or family member in that sense.

Either way, Arkham Horror Revised Core is available for pre-order right now on Fantasy Flight's webstore for $59.99 and will be out in October.

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