Fantasy Flight Games Announce New Arkham Horror Expansions

Fantasy Flight Games Has changed how Arkham Horror Expansions will be releasing going forward

Published: June 3, 2021 4:48 PM /


Box art of the new Arkham Horror expansions

Fans of the Lovecraftian madness that comes with the Arkham Horror series can praise the Great Old Ones. Fantasy Flight Games have announced two brand new expansions for their card game.

On their official web page, the studio goes into further detail. The two expansions are titled Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion, and Edge of the Earth Campaign Expansion respectfully. The first one is self explanatory. It is a box that includes five new investigators and over 250 player cards all meant to help players build better decks to face grand cosmic horrors. Alternatively, the latter expansion is purely for brand new narrative scenarios based on the new Edge of the Earth story. The box will include over 300 cards, including new material for branching paths.

While these expansions both share the same name, you don't need both of them. You can simply pick up the Investigator Expansion and give your players more options when playing a regular campaign. The new investigators include Lily Chen, a master martial artist who fights evil with weapons like her Dragon Pole and Butterfly Swords, and the scholar Norman Withers of the Miskatonic University. On the other hand, picking up the Campaign Expansion gives your players a brand new narrative scenario deep within the frozen tundra of Antartica where a scientific research team is slowly separated and picked off by some gruesome unknown entity. How you choose to handle the loss of your team, brave the elements, and uncover the mystery will have long-lasting consequences and will dynamically change the outcome of each playthrough.

A collection of scenario cards for Arkham Horror
Death by the unknown or the elements, the choice is yours.

This is a major departure from how Fantasy Flight Games have supported the game in the past. Instead of a slow dripfeed of new material through their Mythos packs, these major expansions will include an entire cycle's worth of investigators and dynamic narrative scenarios all bundled together in two distinct boxes. Fantasy Flight Games have stated that this model is how they will be supporting Arkham Horror going forward.

Edge of the Earth has no exact release date but is available for pre-order on Fantasy Flight Games' webstore and can be reserved at your local retail place.

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