Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG Announced

Published: March 30, 2022 1:50 PM /


The logo for Old Gods of Appalachia in silver text on a green murky background

Fans of tabletop RPGs have had plenty of licensed material to enjoy. Overseas localization for projects like Household have been announced. Beloved sci-fi property Doctor Who is getting both a new edition of its own officially licensed TTRPG as well as a 5e adaptation. Steamforged Games have even announced a TTRPG adaptation of the dark fantasy RPG, Dark Souls. But recently, an announcement was made for another officially licensed project: an Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG.

For those not aware, Old Gods of Appalachia is a horror anthology podcast. It is set in the world of Alternate Appalachia, a more sinister version of the American frontier where the mountains were never meant to be occupied. It was created by Steve Shell and Cam Collins, Virginia residents with considerable experience in English studies and theater.

Furthermore, it is a production packed with notable writing and acting talents including award-winning playwright Méabh de Brún, Dr. Ray Christian of the What's Ray Saying podcast, and prolific voice-actor Yuri Lowenthall whose work includes the English dub of Naruto and voicing the lead of Marvel's Spider-Man. This horror series debuted October 31 2019, has won multiple awards, and is currently up to its third season.

Promotional image of the rulebook for the Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG
Image Credit: Monte Cook Games

The announcement for the Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG came from Monte Cook Games' website. Overall, the post was simple and lacking detail. Aside from a promotional image of the book, there is no mention of what RPG system it would utilize or how involved the original creators would be. Would it attempt to use something similar to a heavily revised 5e OGL or a more thematically direct TTRPG system like Shivers?

The answers to these burning questions will most likely come when the Old Gods of Appalachia TTRPG comes to Kickstarter. The post simply states that the campaign will go live in "early 2022." Considering Cook Games' prior history of supporting crowdfunding projects, there's fair cause for excitement.